Sausage Wrestling Days

You know you are a frazzled, sleep deprived mom when you argue with pack of sausage.

It was a fitful night with my little one, which was followed by a rough morning. Baby was fussing to eat again, but my belly was still growling. Dark circles were painted under my squinted eyes as I fumbled around the kitchen trying to scrounge up some food.

I open and close my refrigerator door hundreds of times a year, yet somehow on this morning, my finger became lodged between the freezer and refrigerator handles as I closed the door. I jerked my hand back, waiting for the pain explosion, and when it hit, tears came. It’s not like it was the worst pain I’ve felt. I mean I got through at least 10 hours of labor before the first tear fell. But in my foggy, sleep deprived state, it pushed me over the edge. I retreated to my bedroom to cry it out for a hot minute before I reevaluated the situation.

I heard my baby making hungry noises in the living room. Come on, Bren, you have got to get it together. You need to eat so you can feed her. What is fast and easy to make? 

You know that feeling when the present monotony in front of you feels bleak until you remember something you have to look forward too? It might be a forgotten piece of dark chocolate, a new episode of your favorite show, or leftovers that free you from cooking responsibilities. Something to rescue you from a temporary state of depression and give you a needed, “I can do this!” boost.

You know what I’m talking about! Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, that’s the feeling I got when I remembered the pre-cooked sausages from Kroger in the freezer. The sausages I love! A perfect morning rescue from the foggy doldrums I was in.

I jumped out of bed and got my pack of sausages under hot water to thaw a bit, hurrying before my baby hollered.

I fumbled with the stubborn package, trying to get my partially frozen sausage free. My fingers felt weak, and I whimpered in frustration. “Please!” I begged, looking heavenward then back down to the package. “Just give me my sausage!”

I mean is it really too much to ask? I NEED my sausage so I can be do mom stuff!

When I finally got it free, I stood waiting for the microwave to beep and realized what a lunatic I must be. Who argues with a pack of sausage? I think I’ve lost my mind. I leaned over the counter shaking with laughter at the lunacy of it all. My poor child was probably frightened by her mother that morning.

Well, I did get my sausage eaten then, and I received a portion of my sanity back via protein.

You could say that I definitely think twice before judging a complaining or struggling mom. Getting enough sleep and/or feeling well can be the switch that changes everything. So if you are having one of those sausage wresting days, you aren’t a bad person. Grace, grace, grace, and lots of coffee! We’ll sleep better tonight.

©Brenda Kanagy


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