I love December for two reasons. #1: I celebrate my birthday and #2: I celebrate the birthday of the man, Jesus.

Both of these reasons generally mean gift giving and gift receiving. Gifts happen to be a top love language of mine, so I thought it would fun to host a little giveaway on my blog to celebrate the season of giving. (Plus generate some extra traffic and feedback here of course. ;))


1. My favorite read of this year: Keep Your Love On- Connection, Communicatiom, and Boundaries by Danny Silk. I wish I could buy it for everyone; it’s that good + life changing in so many aspects. Humans shouldn’t be allowed to speak or breathe without learning these basic truths/tools. :p If you’ve already read it or already own it, win it for a friend! 

2. A bar of fair trade, 85% cacao dark chocolate- because it’s delicious and great quality.

3. Four packs of single serve 100% organic coffee. (Organo Gold’s King of Coffee.) It can be mixed with hot water for a steaming cup of yum or thrown into the blender with other ingredients for a frappe or other cold coffee drink. I use it for my THM (Trim Healthy Mama) frappas several times a week. I’m slightly addicted. 

Note: Organo Gold coffee is infused with ganoderma, a superfood herb/mushroom. I have found that I have fewer caffeine jitters and more sustainable energy from the ganoderma, as apposed  to the caffeine high and crash from other coffees. 


(Complete ALL three steps to qualify.)

1. Like my Facebook blog page if you haven’t already. (Brenda Kanagy-wildheartalive)

2. Share this giveaway link on facebook. 

3. Comment on this post, letting me know that you completed steps 1 and 2, along with any other comments or feedback, if you like. (I will like!) You will not be qualified without a comment!

I will only ship within the United States.

This event will be open until one week from now on Sunday, Dec 13 at 11:59 pm. (eastern time) I will announce the winner Monday morning! 

Good luck, and I’m excited to hear from you. Merry Christmas!



  1. Hi, I am one of your silent followers:). I always enjoy your posts and to say that child of yours is cute is an understatement! This giveaway looks amazing! Blessings to you and yours!


  2. Liked and shared. I’m new to your blog but will be coming back for some of your delicious looking food! I am also a THM when I have the time.


  3. Commenting now and have liked your page for a while, and right after I’m finished here, I will be sharing the post. 🙂

    I love your blog and your perspective on life. Keep it up, friend!


  4. Ok so I finally got a new password so I could comment on your blog! I don’t know how many times I commented and it refused to post it. So now at finally fixed. Fun giveaway, btw… 😉 and I did complete all three steps!


  5. What made me go ahead and enter was the book..:) It looks very good.. I completed the steps. I’m not sure if I ever told you how much I love your writing… You have such a great gift. Thanks for sharing it with us..:) can’t wait to see you soon.



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