I’ve been in shock that the amount of whole months Alexandra Honor has been born already takes up one hand. Time is going so fast. It’s probably the most cliche thing I’ve heard from parents, but I’m finding it incredibly true.

I think love and friendship should be developed over a lifetime, but parenthood is one example of fast love. It seems to multiply overnight, and what has only been a short part of my life so far seems like it was never any other way.

Alex is quite the charmer. She’s been developing her little lungs with new sounds. We laugh at her newborn puppy squeaks, gurgling, bubble blowing, and the occasional shriek.

She is a pro at rolling to her tummy now, and it’s actually a nuisance at times because she only lasts a few minutes before getting upset. Of course she keeps doing it over and over though! She’s getting so good at holding her little bobble head up too, so that helps tummy time last a little longer before she wails for assistance.

There are bad teething days where I am left exhausted, but there are also easy days of contentedly playing with toys and watching me work. She is a of fan of the old fashioned teething toy my sister got her. She chomps on the grapes and chills like that for a while sometimes before popping it back out. It’s hilarious.


Unfortunately, somebody already loves to watch the big screen if mom and dad sit down to watch a new episode of a show in the evening. Now that Dancing With the Stars is over, she’s getting her share of Fixer Upper every once in a while.

When she was younger, her emotional sensitivity to music was intense. I didn’t enjoy music much if it made her upset, but she’s growing out of that a bit. It’s been good to have music playing in my house again. She prefers a good beat though. If she’s fussy and I have to finish up some work before picking her up, I just turn our sound system up, and it keeps her calm for a bit longer. The vacuum cleaner works the same way. No excuse for a dirty house when Baby likes the noise. 🙂

Nights are not my favorite right now. We have left the “up only once a night” routine in the past apparently. It’s every few hours instead. Baby ends up in our bed half the night sometimes because her hungry times are so close together, and I can’t stay awake to put her back in her cradle between them. I don’t even like co-sleeping, but it happens by accident these days. Don’t try it, but the pain of lying on your side for hours without moving can be intense. Our bed is too small for three.


-Reaching. We have a little favoritism developing. Baby loves her daddy, but shes getting old enough to make it known when only mommy will do, especially in the evenings when it’s time to wind down for bed. She follows me with her eyes, sometimes cries when her dad tries to put her to sleep, and even twisted her body to reach for me for the first time the other night. Dad was not impressed, but we have fun with it. 🙂


-Sleepy interactions after nap time. Her face lights up when she sees me for the first time, and I adore her sleepy smiles and coos. Every time, I put my head down so she can touch my face. It’s the most precious thing. It feels like being batted and clawed, but I can tell by the twinkle in her eyes and the soft sighs that she’s caressing my face. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

-Bath time. This is no new thing, but the splashes are getting bigger! It’s a fun time to talk to her, and she thrives on the special attention.

-When Daddy comes home. I think she’s starting to recognize what it means when I get say, “Daddy’s home!” in that certain, excited tone of voice. I always want to play that time of day big for my kids. I love when my husband comes home, and I hope that same vibe can be impressed on them. I know it’s been a dream for my husband to hear “Daddy, Daddy!” and little feet pattering to the door. We aren’t there yet, but we are greeting him with lots of smiles and shy “I love you” looks.

Happy five month birthday, little Honor Baby.
© Brenda Kanagy


One thought on “5 MONTHS OLD

  1. It’s crazy how fast they grow, right? But it’s so much fun to watch them develop little personalities (even IF it does come with a little more attitude, hehe!) and start to connect more with you as parents and discover how to do new things. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to go running to the door yelling “daddy daddy” when he comes home too…heart-melting!!


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