Cliff Jump Birthday 

 Have you ever been on the brink of taking the biggest (possibly the stupidest) risk of your life, yet there is unexplainable peace? Your mind and your comfort zone scream and want to run away, yet the steady Hand keeps drawing you farther into the darkness. My little family is on the brink of one of those cliff plungers. I have felt the terror, but there is a hopeful anticipation that comes only from being safely tucked in God’s care. 

Now I don’t promote taking random, stupid risks when the Lord has clearly asked us to be faithful and steward our lives, but risks with purpose and direction… I am interested in that. Without risk, there is no progress.

God apparently likes to break things up to keep our faith fresh in this life journey. The movement may feel upsetting at first, but I catch a glimmer of his purposes as I dig deep into promises. I see that His mysterious ways keep me from getting stagnant in one area or too dependent on the answers I’ve learned. 

There’s always more mystery, more treasure, and more depth to be discovered in God. That growth and advancement only happens through experience. 

Just because the path seems dark doesn’t make it the wrong one. Turns out, He is the Light that makes the path clear! We won’t get anywhere by standing still and straining into the darkness to see farther than the stone we are standing on. The light will only go forward or illuminate more ground with another step. 

Our posture, while not wholly responsible for the outcome, either attracts or repels supernatural provision. It’s not that the impossibility looms any less; just that the hopelessness is gone. Hope is a God magnet. 

Transition is still an emotional roller coaster of highs and extreme lows, but it’s so encouraging to see progress, and by that, I mean progress in me. I’m not minimizing the struggle, but instead of spending entire days or weeks in despair when bad news or apparent obstacles come, there is a fragile faith I immediately offer up, followed by floods of peace. 

Today is my 21st birthday, and I can’t think of a better time or way to start a new chapter in my life than in this posture of faith and hope. 

© Brenda Kanagy


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