An (“Adulting”) Merry Christmas To You

Merry Christmas to all my readers from my little family! I hope all your days (not just this holiday season) are merry and bright. Most of all, I hope our Savior and Friend, Jesus, is known closer than ever this new year. 

This was my husband and I’s first Christmas alone together, (we usually spend it with my family) and how fitting that it should be the first year we are parents.  To be honest, the first part of our day was a little sucky (or we were sulky) with responsibility and sadness at the changes, but by mid-day, we got over ourselves. We had two last minute invites, but I’m glad we owned the whole adult thing and made a little Christmas dinner feast of our own. (It can be an adjustment going from being carefree kids at Christmas to the parents who have to do all the work. God bless adults. :D)

I have been battling a lot of scoliosis and postpartum related muscle and nerve pain + migraines so that was one reason my days (not just Christmas) have been a challenging lately. That puts a bigger load on us all when I don’t feel well. We made some good memories though, and I am thrilled that I feel 85% improved and still have some leftover energy today, which is a huge victory. Especially at this late hour. (Late for parents, of course.) 

Today, was all about an early-ish flea market run, more packing, taking a family trip to the trash dump, late lunch, dishes, some cleaning, a little guitar playing/laundry folding/Baby loving session in the nursery before bed. All around a good Saturday. 

Here’s a fun Christmas throwback/comparison from last year to this year. One year can sure make a big difference. Christmas 2014, (top) Baby was on the inside making me sick, and this year, (bottom) Baby is on the outside still making herself very known. Parenthood is proving to be a challenging, (dying to self) beautiful adventure.   Alexandra Honor has changed our lives forever and is making us better humans. Here’s to 2016!

P.S. To make today even better, it is our 3 year & 2 month wedding anniversary. Cheers!

©Brenda Kanagy 


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