Hello, Pennsylvania

 Well, an incredible amount of things happened in January so far, but the biggest is our big move across states. I could probably write a book of the still unfolding details. I’m trying to write some of it down, but mostly my camera role is doing the majority of documenting.         We rented a Penske truck and pulled our car so all three of us could sit up front together for the 10+ hour drive. The weather was beautiful all day, and thankfully we made north safely before the weekend of a huge snowstorm. 

We got the truck unloaded (in storage) Saturday night, so we were able to have a relaxing rest day on Sunday, complete with coffee shop time and a football game hang at my sister’s house.   Our first week of work was full. We got the whole house painted before the weekend, largely due to my mom and brother’s help. It is really hard to get much done when one spends hours being a “all you can eat buffet” for a baby 24/7. 🙂

This photo is titled, “why women live longer than men.” 😉 That weekend, we utilized #jonas (the snowstorm) as the perfect host for our late Christmas sleepover and holiday with my family. I have to say, things are getting progressively crazier with three new humans added to the mix, but it’s a good crazy.        
 I just have to mention that I made a Trim Healthy Mama cheesecake that was delicious, if I do say so myself.      It was a little hair raising Friday night with one overtired two year old who was up crying for what felt like hours, another two year old who woke up crying. Add a 6 month old who was wide awake and ready to party at 11:30, and the rest of the adults staying up with zombie eyes wondering “what is life?” 😀 Thank the good Lord for white noise machines. Or YouTube white noise clips, in my case. The next night was considerably better though!     There was record snowfall Friday night and Saturday,  and I’m pretty sure that’s an official call and not just my opinion coming from the sunny carolinas the past four years. We planned well for being snowed in a warm house together, but unfortunately there were hundreds stranded on the interstate who didn’t. The national guard got involved to rescue people and supply food and water. Buses took loads of people to the local high school for the night. Even on Sunday, the mess of stranded truckers was still an ongoing cleanup situation when we drove through town. There was a bus load of people doing a grocery store run when we stopped as well. The roads are pretty clear now, but the white is still all around.      The progress on our house is slow but sure, at least that’s what I tell myself. 😀 The only reason I have time to write this post is because I stayed home (home: as in my moms place) to do laundry, cooking, and have a “normal” day with my trooper 6 month old who has been putting up with a ton of running around, postponed feedings, and hours in car seats and bouncers while we work. 

I can’t wait to settle in our own house again and feel a little more stable. 

More on the house project later. We are two weeks in, eyes closed and fingers crossed. 🙂 We make plans, but in the end it all happens in God’s timing, however cliche that may sound.

Happy week-ending! I, for one, am looking forward to rest day.


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