Olives and Hummus 

  Last week, my husband shared long conversation with an Indian man over a platter of olives, carrots, and hummus in a hotel restaurant.

After surveying the people in the room, he picked my husband out for company. When the veggies arrived, there was an invitation to eat!

They chatted for over an hour about the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle and the results of his studies.

He was vegetarian and a student of religions. 

His conclusions showed similarities between Hinduism, Budism, and Christianity, in that they promote love, unlike the one that “blows people up.” 

He knew the Bible and talked about the Kingdom of God. He saw similarities between Holy Spirit Kingdom principles and the practice of emptying the mind in meditation. His theology may have been skewed or had missing links, but my husband enjoyed listening and visiting with an unlikely connection who was genuine and kind.

This Easter, I’m humbled at the discovery of Christ, the hope of glory, in the most unassuming places. 

I have never been invited to share a platter of hummus and olives with a Christian. 

May we remember that kindness is a fruit of the Spirit, and many experience Him without knowledge. 

May we look for Him, may we celebrate Him, may we never dash the gold against the rocks for its presentation. 

May we seek to be bearers of light, that speak only timely messages, that love without requiring many words- remembering the Man who suffered quietly for the greatest act of love in history and that ever will be.

Happy Easter weekend!  

©Brenda Kanagy


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