My Case for Donald Trump- Introduction & Part 1

(These posts were originally published on Facebook after I felt strongly compelled  to communicate the reasoning and process behind my support of Donald Trump for President. With the realization that my endorsement of such an eccentric individual seemed out of character for me to many, I also felt it only right to share my story with those who sincerely want to hear.)

I’m young. I’m only 21. I’m a wife and new mom. I’ve made a lot of stupid choices that are still being redeemed. I’ve also experienced more goodness than I thought possible with a God who smiles. I really love writing and communicating with it. I value love more though, so if I find myself stepping out of it to make a point, I don’t want to continue. I don’t want to fight or manipulate you to my viewpoint. (My friends, acquaintances, and followers are pretty diverse.)

I don’t have a degree in politics. I don’t even enjoy politics, in the sense of the strife that seems to go with the territory. I usually stuck my head in the sand, because I got so overwhelmed and lost in the voices of opinion. I’m not that smart or educated. What do I know? 

I say all this to start because I don’t want anyone assuming that I think I’m an expert on the matter. This is very scary for me, so I don’t write from pride. I am sincere though, and I am really passionate about what God is doing in the earth. I come at you from that perspective, because otherwise, who knows anything, right? 

I don’t expect my voice to be elevated to that of a seasoned prophet or teacher. I’m a student- always learning and growing. I’m open to being wrong, but if I’m not, what I have to say is worth considering. 

Ok, got that out of the way.

Part 1:

POST 1. Three things sum up what I knew about Donald Trump until election season: his hair, his money, and his young wife. Thanks to mocking memes on the Internet, Donald is the butt of many jokes, and that was the information source that subconsciously formed my opinions of him originally. (Even a local burger joint in my town has an entree named, “The Combover.”) 🙂

If you know me personally, you know I have a “thing” with celebrities, where God highlights them to me because of a mark He has on their life. These are not “good Christians” by public brand, but because I’m being fed other information (God’s thoughts about them) it gives me the ability to see beyond the surface of publicized behavior. I pray, capitalizing on the gold in them, then in turn, celebrate when it manifests publicly. 👏🏻(And sometimes I celebrate on Facebook, thoroughly confusing my friends who can’t believe I would support such ungodly humans! :)) Ok, that might be weird to you, but it’s a fun thing I do with God. 🙂 Anyways, all that to say, Trump was not on my celebrity radar that way.

When Donald announced he was running for president, I thought he was a complete joke, along with many others. 

Soon after, I remember watching a live periscope of a favorite worship leader doing a fun, random Q&A while vacationing with her family. Someone typed out, “What do you think of Donald Trump running for President?” Without missing a beat, this was her response: “I don’t know yet; I have to pray about that.” That was it! It was so simple, but it struck me profoundly that someone actually took him seriously for a second and thought it was worth asking God about. 

I still didn’t take Trump seriously for months, and even took to social media to express frustration at his crass language. God had been teaching me to live in response, (versus reaction) and I felt that Americans were simply supporting him out of reaction to Obama, similar to the way Obama was voted in under the cry of “change!” (Looking back, I was reacting as well- to Trump!) That definitely didn’t pan out as many hoped.

Trump’s lack of professionalism was refreshing in the age of politically correct corruption within the government. I was so frustrated though, because his garbling speeches lacked substance, and I didn’t think being politically incorrect was a good enough qualification to lead our country.

To be continued…

©Brenda Kanagy


2 thoughts on “My Case for Donald Trump- Introduction & Part 1

  1. Thank you. I have enjoyed reading this. I will continue to also. I find myself “getting you” such a voice of fresh air and Godly voice of reason. Thank you so much. Thank you Jennifer for leading me to this blog.


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