My Case for Trump- Part 2 & 3

POST 2. Until this point, no leader or friends I particularly respected voiced support of Trump. Until Sarah Palin. I was totally shocked, but I didn’t unlike her page on FB. 😉 I started asking myself “Why? What am I missing?” Donald continued to drive me crazy. All I heard about (via media) was his arrogant language and insults to women and others. Why did he continue to soar in the polls after negative incident after negative incident? Were Americans all gullible, emotionally driven, and unintelligent? (I hardly believe that is true. There are incredibly intelligent people on his team, including many women, FYI.) Or was he just anointed for destruction? 🙂

Donald does have a “bull in the china shop” effect. He has seemed to tap into the anger of the American people, but instead of writing him off because of the trail of drama following him, I started asking myself “Why are they angry?” People are angry because they feel overrun by government corruption. 

Trump and Carson were two candidates that are not career politicians. (I was vouching for Carson, by the way. I have respected him for years before this pivotal moment in his life.) They speak for the American people because they are included in that group. That is true for the first leaders of our country as well. Our first president physically fought for our freedom and was a commander in chief in the Revolutionary War. This type of real life experience is what people crave in leadership. It’s difficult to trust career politicians in an age where the system can be abused for gain or control. 

If Donald is self funding his campaign, what is he gaining from Washington for his trouble? He is already rich! I doubt being paid to shut up has much appeal. 

I’m not saying all politicians are evil, and the system is all bad. (Democracy is amazing!) I’m saying the system can be corrupted because men can be corrupted. We would probably be shocked at the amount of things that can “go away” or be silenced by threats or for money. Even many good men would choose his family or reputation over the consequences of exposing a political monster. This is one advantage Donald has: he built his own empire.

POST 3. Trump’s main slogan is, “Make America Great Again,” but with all the protesting and insulting and even some violence associated with his campaign, many are calling “foul” on him. He talks as if his goal is rebuilding and uniting America, but everywhere you look in the media, there is chaos. Yet he gains momentum! Is he just a fraud, or what gives?


If you need a label, I am what some would call charismatic- as in I very much believe that the gifts of the Spirit are available and NECESSARY for today as much as biblical times. Christianity is far more than a “free ticket to Heaven” or a mere “escape route.” Without things like discernment and prophecy (which is for direction and EDIFICATION of believers and the drawing of unbelievers, more than the scary, untouchable foretelling of the future that the passive church has painted it to be) we go bankrupt spiritually- personally and as a nation. If you don’t believe that, this next part might seem loony to you, but I want to share it anyway, in case anyone has ears to hear. 🙂

Everything changed for me when I got a church newsletter email describing a dream a woman had, where in it, the word TRUMP rearranged to TRIUMPH in a scene overlooking the map of the United States. She felt the Lord saying that, “Trump will lead the nation into triumph!” (This woman was from Australia, and had no political agenda for the U.S. She also later clarified that she did not mean to imply that Donald would be President. She was simply releasing what she heard. “Angels of triumph have been assigned to Trump.”) Whether you love or hate his charisma and policies, it is impossible to deny his influence and momentum. That email was sent back in October, and it does indeed seem that regardless of the negative stigma surrounding Donald, he wins and is successful at every turn against all odds, as if he is meant to. 

Once again, I was stunned. “Wow. Another person taking him seriously. Is God maybe taking him seriously?” That stirred something in my spirit that I can’t explain, and ever since, I’ve had this strong sense that Donald is appointed by God for a purpose in this nation. That’s why I can’t argue about the qualifications of the candidates. If I did not believe that God is up to something good through Donald J. Trump, I would not be advocating for him. Based on the facts and my knowledge alone, I would pick someone more eloquent, more qualified, and someone I like more. But God is noticing him, so the least I can do is pay attention too.

©Brenda Kanagy


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