My Case for Trump- Part 4 & 5

POST 4. (Originally posted on FB on April 1.) So if Trump is a bull in a china shop, what is he destroying? 

I was too afraid to publicly voice my feelings about Trump at first because all around me, religious leaders (and my friends) were rebuking and writing Donald off for the typical reasons Christians usually do- such as ungodly conduct and pride and on and on. Sometimes I still got pulled down into the labeling and condemning myself. I mean, it seemed logical. 

It wasn’t until I discovered a voice in the prophetic community who gave a word about Donald Trump being God’s wrecking ball that I got some clarity for all my mixed feelings. All the bells went off in my spirit, and my brain finally started comprehending it too. Yes, I think it’s true!

Christians have a hard time believing that God could be behind such a belligerent, wrecking ball personality, but here is what I think is super important to remember, always, but particularly now: The church needs to know the times. People act like its a spiritual gift to notice and talk about the sin and depravity in the world. No, that’s just complaining and affirming what the devil is doing. When I say, “know the times,” I mean we need to know the spiritual SEASONS and what God is doing in order to be effective in our prayers and action. “There is a time for every purpose under the heavens. A time to plant and a time to uproot what has been planted.” 

Remember the “Make America Great Again,” slogan? This is confusing to most in light of the chaos Trump stirs up because they don’t comprehend the season. There are rotten crops and corrupt seeds in our country. The demolition stage has to happen before there can be rebuilding. What if America is in a season of uprooting what has been planted? What if Trump is a vital wrecking ball in DC? It might look like chaos, but it’s a means to an end, and I think it will start making sense.

Again, the season is important. 

Part 5. (Originally posted on FB on April 4.) What are some of the rotten seeds Trump is uprooting?

Government interests, money (big business) and media manipulation are intertwined. Media is a business protected by the constitution because it is supposed to be FOR the people. What happens when our democracy begins adopting socialist principles? Media becomes a tool to push an agenda, and businesses are given ultimatums to sink or adapt in order to make profit on the left wing train. 

These next scenarios are all examples of media and big business in a marriage with liberal activists pushing a political agenda for more government control.

Example: gun control is one major issue the left is pushing. I won’t go as far to say that government is illegally behind some of the shootings in past years, (I can’t know that) but I do believe the media manipulates these tragedies to subtly shift the minds of the people in favor of gun control. The second amendment is a fundamental right that was established at the birth of our free nation, and taking away that right will only fuel illegal activity. 

Racial tension is another issue that is exploited by media; it has exploited the violence and crimes between races to fuel divisions and strife. Obama has used tragedies and racial crimes countless times on national tv to push his political agenda (even when thousands of other crimes miss publicity) and the shootings and racial tension have only escalated dramatically in his presidency. It is sad that a monumental first black presidency has seemed to create more racism instead of solidified unity. (I’m one of the few that gives him the benefit of the doubt. I truly believe he wanted peace, which is honorable. I don’t think the escalated racism was intentional on his part, but it happened as a reaction to many of his decisions and policies.) Peace and unity do not come through gun control and external restrictions. Anyone with kids knows something between parent and child relationship is in tatters when threats and damage control enter the picture. The relationship between government and the people is weak and void of trust. These issues are crisis of character and core values, and government control will only fuel rage.

Example: Conservatives are supposedly waging a war on women’s healthcare because they are against the killing of humans. I visited Hillary Clinton’s page yesterday (trying to find some gold, because I like to do that, as well as understand other perspectives. 🙂 ) I scrolled through post after post about Donald Trump and conservatives “waging war on safe and affordable healthcare.” (code: legal abortion) “We can’t let this agenda get into the White House.” I was pretty disheartened until another stalwart headline caught my attention. Her quote: “I will not stand by and let more children be killed.” I thought I had caught a break or a change of heart, so I investigated the context. Gun violence/gun control. Wow. I don’t even know what to say. This is progressive thinking/contradiction at its finest. The twisting of minds is a real thing. Ben Carson says it best: “We’ve distorted things to the point where people believe that anyone who opposes mothers killing their babies is waging a war on women. How can we be so foolish to believe such a thing? One must be able to recognize the depravity to which we have sunken as a society when valuing a baby’s life is frowned up.”

Example: The LGBT movement is another issue that liberal activists throw big money behind to bully conservatives away from their values. (Discrimination card is played here by leftist media here too. It’s nearly impossible to peacefully disagree with a practice without being labeled a bigot, or worse sued or jailed for denying participation in a practice.) It happens all the time. Just last week, the governor of Georgia vetoed a religious freedom bill this would protect pastors who wish to refuse the performance of gay marriage ceremonies. Don’t believe money was behind that? The NFL threatened not to host the next Super Bowl in the billion dollar stadium being built in Atlanta without the veto of that bill. Manipulation at its best! 

Note: To clarify, I am against bullying of the LGBT community for their genders or sexual association. My point here is simply that it is not discrimination to disagree with a lifestyle practice. It is sad that so few Christians are known by their love. This “discrimination epidemic” is likely a direct result of a weak love that has failed to impact culture. Everyone should know they are fully loved. This is why I say: if the church has failed to prosper the core health of America, it is not out of God’s character to go to the “outside camp” to find faith and willingness. 

Let’s not shoot down Trump because of his presentation; he may very well be a gift, not only to our nation, but to the western church. More on that later.

©Brenda Kanagy 


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