Work Road Trip

What was supposed to be a fun work week with my husband two weeks ago turned out to be one of the most miserable road trips in the book, thanks to coming down with allergies and a painful sore throat, plus juggling baby teething, whining, fighting sleep, and miserable, fitful hotel nights after exhaustingly long days on the road or watching the man work and keeping Baby entertained while feeling like poop. 
Yeah, and a few weeks before that, I was hit hard with the century’s worst stomach virus. Think horrible nausea, diarea, hourly (or more) puking, violent heaving, weak as a newborn, lightheadedness, etc. Pumping breastmilk between vomitting wasn’t on my life’s bucket list.

But these two are cute, I saw some cool things, and we are home again. Like usual, my camera roll memories make me appreciate the fun parts. 

Honestly, motherhood is the most intense experience ever though. I have probably said this many times throughout this first year of parenthood, but it’s because it’s a very tangible reality. Half the time it feels like I’m drowning and lost and the other half is adapting and readapting to thrive. It’s so hard to explain because being a mom is so hard, but I could never go back to easy after loving my baby. Sometimes comparison tells me others have it so easy or am I just selfish and making it up? Other moms have told me that from their experience I did have a rough first baby experience, and although first time parenthood adjustments are probably a lot to blame, many babies are easy breezy. I have to say, I’d rather start in hard, to be pleasantly surprised with babies to follow. 🙂 

We read articles about joyful mothering and overcoming the spirit of depression (which is legit) but I’m over here like, there’s a place for that, but sometimes my depression is just lack of sleep and exhaustion symptoms. What other “employment” expects perfection and stellar functionality, much less profitability on no sleep and constant overtime? 

Somehow God gives moms grace for such a high calling. When you think you can’t do it anymore, you catch a break and get a second wind- like a solid sleep or baby snuggles or a date night or worship music or THM chocolate cake. Mostly sleep. 🙂NYC is wild and full of cool things, but the expensive living and fast pace would drive me nuts long term. I need calm to soothe the introvert parts of me.When I found out we were working in NYC, I had to put Trump Tower on our gps. If you’ve been a faithful stalker, you’ll know that it’s strongly in my heart that Donald Trump is a valuable asset to help our USA. I wanted to set foot on his place of influence to bless it and reiterate my prayers for Mr. Trump. Road trips are fun for sightseeing and memories, but home and routine is awesome too.

©Brenda Kanagy


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