My Case for Trump- Part 6 & 7

(Origionally posted to Facebook on April 6)

POST 6. “Why not Cruz? He is all about dealing with the corruption in D.C as well. He goes after many of the same issues, but with more eloquence and precision. Plus, he’s the nicer guy, and his morals and character are more aligned with mine.”Good question. 

My support of Donald does not mean I think Cruz is inferior to Trump in character. Judging by public performance alone, that would seem laughable. In fact, I rather prefer the classy and the smooth like Rubio over the choppy language of a billionaire, under normal circumstances. 

In a race, voters weigh the options and compare the qualifications, so to speak, before picking “the best man.” This probably makes me a terrible eligible voter in many eyes, but I don’t even necessarily think Donald is the best man. I just happen to think he’s the man appointed for the job. That counts for more than what he is up against. 

So why not Cruz?

1. I don’t think he can beat Hillary Clinton. This election may be the most crucial one I see in my lifetime, and Hillary brings a tsunami of brokenness and depravity to the table. I would love to see a solid Texan in office again, but if Washington needs an overhaul, I do not think it will come from a man within the system at this time, Republican or otherwise. This is not my original quote, but listen: “If God can use the jawbone of an ass, He can use Donald Trump.” ๐Ÿ˜œ “We’re asking God to send Solomon to D.C., but He’s a sending Samson.” L.W. That is not a slam to Cruz. He is a great man, with a lovely family, and good policies. (I hugely applaud his tax plan!) I would support him if he was the nominee unless a donkey talked or a voice from Heaven told me differently. That said, Trump is a force to be reckoned with for a reason. 

2. Cruz is a true conservative. He has spent years taking a stand for conservative values against the liberal control grip in D.C. without budging. “Isn’t that a good thing for the evangelical cause?” I am not saying it’s a weakness, but I am saying I don’t think America as a whole is ready for a staunch conservative. I can hear the Christians debunking that logic now. “What are you saying- that a godly man is only a good thing when it’s convenient?” ๐Ÿ™‚ No. For one, “Republican” doesn’t automatically equal godly. And for two, reference back to what I said about SEASONS in post 4. God is timely. He preps the soil. Sometimes it needs an overhaul before calculated planting. I think a Cruz presidency is premature for the long term health of our nation. I know that sounds totally counter active of how it should work because a lot of his values are solid, but can you imagine the uproar from the left if a staunch conservative got elected right now? That leads me to my next point.

3. Cruz’s influence is not as dramatic or wide spread. Only Donald Trump could capture the attention of the whole world. Even negative publicity is publicity. Donald’s ability to identify with a diverse crowd is a strength. It doesn’t mean his morals match theirs; (Think Putin.) It means that he has the ability to be likable to people he doesn’t agree with and to identity with other leaders. Being likable isn’t enough to run a country, but try running a country without it! Sure, I’m aware that loud is not always right, BUT IF God favors Donald, negativity can’t stop him. Whether we like it or not, we share a nation with many who do not share our faith in Jesus. We are wise to link arms on the common ground we have if we wish to not see our country splinter. If it takes an “outsider” to 1. wake the church up prophetically 2. capture the hearts of more of than just us “conservative groupies” for the long term health of the nation, I think He will. God is strategic so that people will choose Him of their choice. 

Summary: Think of it this way: Cruz is all about strengthening the Republican mafia (in the best possible sense of the word) from the inside, while Donald is concerned about what is good for the long term unity and health of America, which in the present moment means crashing the power complex in D.C. and stopping the train (America) from crashing over a fiscal, economical cliff that we may not be able to recover from. The love of money may be the root of all evil, but countries can not prosper without it, and countries in poverty have little influence or ability to go to the nations. Guess who does business? #micdrop

Part 7. (From April 12)

POST 7. This isn’t what I wanted to write. I had the physical issues you all want to hear more about ready to go in my next post. But instead I feel annoyingly compelled to go this route, so I’ll try.

Truth always exposes lies, and as a result truth causes division. “What? But Jesus is the way of peace! So if a man causes chaos, the devil is behind it, right?” Um. No?! Chaos doesn’t automatically mean someone is right, but if someone is on a mission to expose something, all hell usually breaks loose. All hell did seem to break loose over the Trump phenomenon. Not only is the left scrambling to shut him down, but his own party is fighting against him, raising the risks of a contested convention, which may be a favorable outcome for the establishment. Bottom line: they seem to want #nevertrump for President. I’m telling you, Trump creates division and uproar left and right. It’s only when something is confronted that it is forced to manifest. Two ugly heads that Donald brings to the surface: government control and the religious spirit. (I doubt Donald even knows he is exposing the latter.) Is it possible Donald is a threat to the dirty secrets and unhealthy control within the system, NOT EXCLUDING the Republican party? (Again, this is why the other Republican candidates don’t have my support. Good men, be that as it may, (who really knows, but God.) they are politicians in the system, and by the left’s own admission, they would much rather deal with more predictable conservative politicians like Cruz or Kasich than go head to head with pioneer billionaire, and charismatic personality Donald Trump. It is too risky.) I am fascinated watching these events unfold. I have never in my life seen so much money spent on campaigns against a candidate or a fight so hard to shut someone down. So he’s not a politician. So what? Good leaders come in surprising packages. Ronald Reagan was also mocked for his celebrity status, but he followed through with flying colors in a successful presidency and excellent leadership. Say what you like, but the evidence IS coming out that the GOP is scrambling to sway the vote pendulum of the people away from the #trumptrain. After the GOP’s “nevertrump” tweet following Cruz’s Colorado win, I scratched my head. No comment on the inner world of the voting process, crooked or legit. I will say that people tend to think Trump is just childishly complaining about losses, but I honestly don’t think people understand the dirty business he’s up against. He’s in it to win for a reason. 

Listen, I think this is why Donald’s “flaws” (so to speak) do him a service to his cause. (which does have a ton of substance, btw.) What was is that brought your attention to Trump in the first place? The negativity media and drama, right? The bullheadedness, the inability to take a blow quietly without shooting insults back, the so called childishness, etc…This negative publicity keeps people’s attention and keeps him in the spotlight, which is vital for the exposure of the issues and corruption he’s going after. Honestly, the leftist media smears to discredit Donald are working against them. That very drama fascination is what keeps the left from making Trump go away to the public. His publicity is the hook that captures the people. It’s bizarre and confusing, I get it, but if people truly care to see beyond the surface, they will see that his history of family and corporate leadership and entrepreneurship is the fish (substance) being brought to the table. I don’t say this casually: I don’t think we want to see Donald go away quietly. That would be a very bad sign. It you know me personally, you’ll know that I am the last thing from a conspiracy theorist. I rarely make cases against organizations or publicly support officials. I honestly feel totally out of my league with this topic, and I would like to just stop. I don’t want to be known as the crazy person who is in denial of Donald’s faults. I see them. Some of his comments legitimately hurt my heart and make me cringe. I don’t want to enter a battle defending the holiness of a mortal man.

In all of this, the reason I am speaking out is this: I strongly feel the devil is exploiting and twisting the sound byte of Donald’s flaws to distract from the purpose and convince the minds of the people (namely the western church) to believe that God will not not choose an “outsider” if he wants to. Listen, if the church is so superior, why have we not raised a generation that needs no wrecking ball? What if we have so missed the mark that God is having better luck talking through donkeys. (No offense, Donald.) He is bold and willing, and he has a priority plan to make America great again. I’ll end this post on that cliche note, although I wanted it to be about global issues and policies. ๐Ÿ™‚ โœŒ๐Ÿผ๏ธ

ยฉBrenda Kanagy


4 thoughts on “My Case for Trump- Part 6 & 7

  1. Donald’s plan no doubt is to “make America great again,” but are you sure that it is God’s top priority? I really can’t see God as nationalistic. And I disagree that those living in poverty have little influence or ability in God’s kingdom…have you forgotten that Jesus was born and lived in an out of the way cultural backwater that the educated and wealthy people of the day didn’t care two cents about? 1 Corinthians says that God has chosen the foolish, the despised, the weak, to confound the things that are mighty. I know I personally have been far more moved by the stories and faithfulness of Christians in poverty-stricken or persecuting nations than I ever have by the preaching of a wealthy, star-studded American evangelist.


    • Hi, thanks for reading and the feedback! Absolutely, the humble beginnings of Jesus speak volumes about the Kingdom. I understand that God using (or even anointing) an outsider is unconventional, but it’s not the first time an outside has been used for His purposes or to preserve a nation, etc. Isaiah 45:1 is a great example, as well as Churchill, Lincoln, and Reagan, in more modern times. My thoughts about money and wealth: I don’t mean to promote prosperity over humility, but I certainly don’t promote a poverty mentality either, if that makes sense. God can be found in and glorified from one end of the spectrum to the other. Money is an incredible tool and responsibility. I think God is growing people in humility and stewardship and the character to handle big amounts of money, and I respect Trump’s leadership and work ethic in that area.


      • I don’t think the idea of God using a nonChristian for his purposes is unconventional at all. I was more trying to say that I don’t think God’s big purpose is “to make America great again.” He’s bigger than one country. We are not the only ones who matter.


      • Gotcha! Very true. We’re definitely not the only ones, but we live here, God has a plan for us, and we have a responsibility to be smart and steward well. I definitely don’t care for everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, ๐Ÿ™‚ but I think his leadership skills and business instincts will be excellent on a large scale. Have a good night!

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