My Case for Trump- Part 8 & 9

POST 8. From my observation, these are the priorities on Trump’s radar in summary. (There may be more, but this is my observation.) BOUNDARIES AND SELF CARE
Broken down:

⚫️National security/out of control illegal immigration

⚫️Care of our own veterans who sacrifice to protect us 

⚫️Repeal and replace Obamacare 

⚫️ Stop Isis/protect Christians/obliterate nuclear deal that coddles terrorism and exploits our friend, Israel

⚫️ Clean house on debt crisis/bad trade deals

Granted, there are many other complex issues to address within our democracy, (abortion, education, taxation, biotech, etc) but the ones I highlighted are ones I think Donald sees as IMMEDIATE threats to the sustainable health of our nation. 

I see people constantly making Trump out to be a selfish pig, and it honestly makes me a little nutty. He is eccentric, but he is intensely passionate and confident in these priorities. I listen because I believe (and I can’t stress it enough) that Donald realizes that we CANNOT BE AN ASSET to anyone else if we are weak and steeped in divisions and debt. I think he realizes the importance of a healthy nation, particularly the US because we are the leading democracy in the world. If we splinter, the effects would be catastrophic on the surrounding nations- nations who look to us for leadership. Our collapse would also be catastrophic in the sense of creating a free pass for socialist/communist countries to prey on. His wisdom and foresight in this area is incredible. Let’s not be silly and assume Donald doesn’t care about the other issues; of course he does! But in this moment, he’s walking in his gifting, and may I say, his mandate for this tough season in his lifetime. Donald volunteered and has not flinched in standing up to the government on behalf of the people and the health and security of our nation. We need him.


“What about his racist language towards muslims and the unemployed, for example? As a Christian, I have a problem with his self preservation and attack strategies. Aren’t God’s people supposed to receive everyone with open arms?”

We might get tired of the internet memes stemming from the dramatics, (“Isis hates us.” You’re fired!” “Build a wall!”) but I think if we can overcome our own superiority for a moment, we will come to see that the crux of Donald’s passion is actually more a strong passion and LOYALTY to America than it is random, unbridled racism towards those who are different than he. I don’t for a minute think Donald Trump hates diverse races and even religions. C’mon, he is friends and allies with republicans, democrats, women, black people, hispanic people and many influential people he may not even 100% agree with. Where Donald DOES get perceived as racist is when he recognizes a threat FROM any of these sources that is or could sabotage what he is committed to protect.

I find it slightly perplexing that Donald’s (and others’) views on illegal immigration and ISIS, for example, are perceived as anti-evangelical. The Kingdom is not limited to just one principle. There are many seemingly contradictory truths in scripture, but really they are all fully true and good in their context. Outside of context, cults form in God’s name, and bad things happen that He did not ordain. 

It might not be popular, but boundaries and self care ARE vital kingdom principles. Note back to my post about SEASONS for the umpteenth time. It honestly drives me a little nutty that people think boundaries and self care are anti-Kingdom. How does that work out in your family and relationships? Have you tried just letting anyone off the street come in your home at any time on their terms after you made a commitment to protect and care for your loved one’s needs first? 
Have you tried throwing yourself into full time ministry giving and giving out of reaction without boundaries for quiet time and fun and rest? Say hello to burnout and broken relationships! Your marriage and your kids come before other people, because they are yours to steward and love. It is just as spiritual to say no GOOD THINGS in order to say yes to your first priorities before God. We can’t do it all. It simply does not work to help anyone (with long term, sustainable results) unless you and yours are healthy and strong. I’m suggesting that the same principle applies to a nation. We are family. We have leaders whose job it is to prioritize responsibilities and enforce boundaries to keep the nation healthy, so that we actually have something to offer in the right context.

SELF LOVE: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” America doesn’t know how to take care of itself. This is why there is outrage that our veterans are treated poorly and, yet our borders are lax and welcoming, putting a hurt on American business. (Not to mention the abused welfare system our tax dollars fund and trade deals that make us weak and dependent on other countries for commerce.) It feels like a betrayal to the family of America. 

I don’t think Donald hates women or disabled people or black people or hispanic people or even muslims for that matter. I think he recognizes a core breach in priorities and boundaries that are bound to effect the long term success of our nation. He wants to give America a hand UP, not a handout. In typical Donald fashion, he reacts to attacks or mocking with retorts that have gotten far more media attention than the majority of his other content. I do not take his language style (“Isis hates us,” for example) as red letter authority on the subject. Obviously, not all Muslims are extremists, but no one ever said eloquent communication was Donald’s strong point! Donald’s language style is very theatric, but he is trying to communicate the emergency state of the situation in the way only Donald can. The success and strength of America is his priority- not because the rest of the world is garbage, but because he is an American, and America is OUR country: therefore it is a great responsibility to take care of its health or we risk destroying it and along with it, much more. That is the job of a leader. That is not selfish; that is wise. 

Of course, Trump cares about refugees and victims of terror. America is in an unhealthy state, and I think Donald believes (and I agree) the reversal of these global events (for America, our responsibility) begins right here on our soil. Making sensible trade deals that reflect those values. Setting boundaries and a standard. That might seem selfish when compassion leads us to put down all guards, but I risk appearing insensitive in order to reevaluate the responsibilities of a nation family.

©Brenda Kanagy


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