A Week With Friends

Last month our friends from South Carolina graced us the north with their presence. The guys were working in NYC all week, so it was moms and three kids holding down the fort at home. 

I’m not sure separation ever gets easier. You adapt, but it doesn’t make it enjoyable. We tried to make the most of it  by doing fun things to keep the kids from going stir-crazy and us from getting too lonely. 
Mom life: milk, coffee, Plexus.

There was a library and coffee shop day, a lake day with my sister and her kids, and a park day to feed the ducks. I got a burst of ambition to try the monkey bars on the playground, and I surprised myself by getting through. For some reason when I went back with my husband, I couldn’t do it twice though. Out of shape much? Too bad I couldn’t impress him. πŸ™‚ Truth be told, I have it on video, and I look like a mangled frog. 

I also went yard-saling with my sister one day. The photo proof looks super cute, but in reality, Alex and I were were sweaty and ravenously hungry.

 To top it off, it was nap time, and she leaked profusely through her diaper and left my shirt wet. But I did get some bargains! There was some clothes for Alex, but I also scored a small window unit for a good price. It was perfect timing for my guests whose room got pretty warm during the day. Funny story: I had to hold the unit in my lap on the way home because our vehicle was full of babies and strollers. The seller was pretty concerned about me lifting and holding it, but I was like, hey, I paid for it so its my call from here on. πŸ˜€ So I just grabbed it and awkwardly got it done. 

I carried it upstairs once we got home, and immediately went about stuffing my hungry belly and taking care of Alex. Later, I realized Stephanie had installed the unit herself. She’s an industrious house guest, that one. I never had to wash my dishes, and she even did some plumbing for me because I was too scared I would mess something up. The garbage disposal got plugged, so she took apart the pipes to clean it out, and managed to get it back together without a leak, which is an accomplishment with that finicky pipe. 

My friend’s pregnancy also went social media public that week, and my front porch was honored to host the announcement, featuring the big siblings. πŸ˜‰

Of course, this is how photos mostly go with two year olds. πŸ˜€

My friend, who has a much greener thumb than I helped me get some flowers planted on the front porch. Our house is so far from what I feel is complete, but little corners like this that are arranged help my head relax.

I pulled the old chair out of our creepy cellar, and I think it has a much nicer home now.

We survived and had fun, but we were so ready to be done with the single parenting thing when the guys got back. 

These people inched their way into our hearts at an unexpected but necessary season of life. There are very few people in my life that I can say are forever friends, but these guys are family. Thanks for making our house full of fun and laughter and a tad more drama than Alex alone can produce. πŸ˜‰ We love you!

Β©Brenda Kanagy


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