My Case for Trump-Part 10 & 11

POST 10. “Your thoughts on Trumps’s transgender stance?” -Anonymous

First of all, I do not have everything figured out, and I never really want to reach that point, in the sense that I’m always learning and growing and open to more insight from God for real life issues. 

Let me just say, it is really easy to quote scriptures about morals and even the redemption plan of Christ, but a whole lot more complex seeing it lived out in messy humanity. Even if a transgender person comes to Christ and has a inner breakthrough, they are left with wrong physical body parts, thanks to 21st century medical technology. Is there not an invitation and a redemption for all? It’s tough because there’s no Bible verse that says, “And Jesus threw the transgender woman (man) from the female restroom.” Or, “Jesus loved and healed said individual of STD, resulting in the conviction of error and embracing truth about identity and gender.” We can only speculate about what would happen if Jesus were here or what should happen from an individual standpoint. What does does Jesus look like in the situation or what is a redemptive solution? Believers are given the Holy Spirit as a gift to guide them in these unscripted, un-chartered waters. One thing I do know: I am guilty of heterosexual sin, therefore I can only see LGTB individuals with the love of Christ that I also do not deserve but am given freely. As far as the larger moral issue facing our society, I am honestly not sure where I stand when it comes to a legal standpoint. What is a redemptive answer? Throw transgender people under the bus, driving deeper the idea or wound of discrimination and judgement from the Christian community? That type of answer is pretty easy if you don’t actually know a transgender person. Or: Create separate bathrooms for them which would create an even wider exclusion complex and, as Trump pointed out, would be incredibly expensive and bad for business economy. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with his moral stance. To be fair, he didn’t really address the moral issue as much as answer the question from a legal standpoint. I would have to talk to him personally to fairly judge. My point is that Trump operates out of his strength: smart business leadership. (I have never claimed to 100% agree with Trump’s beliefs. Seriously, he isn’t a god. He’s a human. I couldn’t support any candidate if it relied on perfection when it comes to morals, theology, policies, and more.)

 I wish we weren’t even facing these issues. This isn’t just a few confused individuals that could easily be convinced or converted or set free or however you want to put it. When a movement gets to this size and stage of publicity and normalcy, it reaches a legal crossroads. It is tricky ground that I honestly don’t know how to navigate without offending conservatives on one hand and isolating sinners I love on the other hand. (We all.) We have to keep that in mind in light of the issues Trump is navigating. It might seem black and white, and it is, but it’s not. 😉 Let’s have a little grace to see things from more than one perspective. I am praying about it.

Post 11.

POST 11: If the two nominees boil down to Trump and Hillary, let’s not pull the “lesser of two evils” card and hang up our ballot of influence in the name of supernatural intervention. (Code for: “God will save us because we refuse to act- because we are too proud to believe that God may be using a wild card.” 🙃) Many Christians refused to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 because he was a Mormon. Guess who is president now? If we do not act, there is a default. I never voted or cared about politics before because of my “divine sovereignty complex,” and I know countless more in the same shoes. It’s not cool to have strong opinions about the stupidity of our leaders while doing nothing ourselves. We don’t have to fear making bad mistakes. There is endless grace when we start acting!

It is not Gods will that men perish, but he works His will THROUGH the FREE WILL of humanity because he is a father, not a tyrant. God is not limited by us, per se, (he is sovereign) but because of relationship, he gives us the great privilege of being his conduits. 

When I went to the polls today, I voted for imperfection. If you voted for a different candidate, you did as well! Let’s not pretend any man in a savior. No man has it all together, and no man should wait to volunteer until perfection is reached. (never happening.) Unless he is Jesus, all men will be the lesser evil. It is rarely the qualified who kill Goliath and preserve a nation. If God is using Trump, I back an imperfect man, not because I believe man is infallible, but because I believe in God and what He’s doing.

(Originally written in April, during the primary and directly before Trump won five northeastern states, including Pennsylvania.)

©Brenda Kanagy


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