Alexandra Turns One

Today one year ago, my world was changed forever when I met Alexandra Honor for the first time. After 18 hours of labor, I was so shocked to be holding the live baby that I had felt move inside me for the better part of 2015. 
Baby girl, parenthood took me for a wild ride as I physically cared for you and bonded with you in the first year, as you grew and changed and overcame obstacles. But now, you are old enough to laugh and smile and be silly and comprehend disappointment and reciprocate affection. Now you are old enough to be my friend, and it’s so special getting to know you in this new way.You are one special girl. No official walking just yet, but you pull yourself up along furniture, and learned to crawl steps like a wild girl just like that! You scared your dad and I so badly last week when you quietly slipped away in seconds while we were distracted and climbed the entire flight of stairs when it wasn’t blacked. I found you in our bedroom closet pleased, as punch with yourself. I love seeing you happy. I absolutely love seeing your delight as you claim new territory. You clap and kick your little feet like its the greatest thing ever, and it is. However, for my sake we are investing in baby gates. Never stop taking risks, but take it easy on Mom and Dad some too. You have your Daddy’s blue eyes. You love swaying and waving your hands to worship music. I learn from you, and sometimes when it’s a tough moment for both of us, we both calm down and get new perspective with the sound.You are a confirmation of redemption, a love gift to your dad and I. But besides that, you have your own destiny, pre-planned before time. As you learn and grow in independence and experience God for yourself, we’ll support you, but we’ll always be right here if you need us.Your name means “protector of mankind,” and I can see that it will be true even with your natural spunk. I pray God develops your gifts so they are walked out with honor, true to your name.

You are strong and kind and powerful. We love you very much. Happy Birthday, Baby. 

©Brenda Kanagy


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