The Chancellor’s House

My husband turned 30 in June, and because of his work schedule, I stretched gifts and festivities out over a whole week. (He didn’t mind!)

One thing I planned was a surprise overnight stay at a local bed and breakfast, complete with a babysitter called grandma. It was my first night baby free, and ironically during my one chance to sleep like a log, I woke up all night. I think my body kept waking up out of habit, and my baby wasn’t there. Oh well. It was a strangely lovely experience. 

We stayed at The Chancellor’s House. It was built in 1875, renovated with new plumbing, AC, etc, but with the origional historical character preserved.

The  older homeowners seemed to think it was funny that a local (literally two blocks away) millennial couple would stay at their home. 

They were great hosts. I was utterly inspired by their good health, sharp minds, and life purpose. I never would have guessed them to be in their seventies and eighties. His advice: “You have to keep this (pointing to his brain) active. I see my friends retire, and soon they’re gone. You have to have purpose. And exercise. I go to the gym.”

Inspiring to say the least. Maybe I’m an old soul, but when it comes to strangers, it’s definitely easier for me to talk to older people than young teens and young adults. They are fun to talk to, and there’s history under their belts that I want to pry out.

After settling in a bit, we showered, then had a quick meal at a local bistro before walking to the old, local movie theater to watch Finding Dory. Forever kids, right? Everything and all the cuteness reminded me of my precious baby though.

It was a starry, quiet walk back.

We were served breakfast on fine china, and the Mrs. sat with us to chat between courses. 

Before leaving, we got to explore the rest of the house and hear some historical facts about it, as well as drink in the gorgeous, peaceful landscaping of the backyard. It was a 15 year transformation. It helped me feel better about the catipillar pace of our property landscape restoration. (5+ years without proper care.)

Summary: it’s easy to run far away for escape, but sometimes it’s just as fun getting to know the hidden retreats and pleasures of one’s own town. 

Also, celebrate life.

©Brenda Kanagy


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