QOTD: Parent Edition

I thought I’d share some of the funny quotes heard around my house this summer. 

“I parallel park and do all kinds of aggressive things!” -Alexandra’s mom in defense of her “safe” driving skills against her husband’s aggressive NYC driving experience. Ok, In my defense, confident parallel parking is aggressive for me. Town living has done my introverted side good.

“I hate when I inevitably have to fart while I’m laying on the table at the chiropractor. Of course he chooses that moment to adjust my hip- basically by my crotch. You know he’s going to hold the pressure until the muscle releases tension so it’s always this tricky balance between relaxing just enough so that he moves on, but not enough that you accidentally  fart.” -Anonymous (aka one of Alexandra’s parents )

“Babe, Alex pooped in the tub, and I scooped it out with my bare hand before I could think!” -Alexandra’s mom (glamor moment)

“The days of removing legos and rubber duckies from the tub before I can shower have begun.” -Alexandra’s dad (the very best, heartwarming parent of a toddler moments.)

Happy Friday! May it be full of laughs!

©Brenda Kanagy


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