Inside My Public Support for Donald Trump

It will soon be a year that God put it on my heart to pray for and support Donald Trump. I have not always operated in love and consequently suffered the pain and loss of it, so it was scary risking ridicule by being bold again. I told God, “I don’t want to do this again unless I have love and you preserve and defend me because I can’t handle it.”

 I have lost a lot of things in life, some to my own stupidity and some because the enemy likes to distort and steal things, but the reason I had the courage to take a public plunge was because of something God established in me:

You can lose people, you can lose things, but YOU CAN’T LOSE ME. I’ve got you.” 

Now when I say I have nothing to lose, that’s why. It’s amazing how light the burden is when God is the one carrying it. #gamechanger

My words were not exactly received well across the board when I went public with it. Some people are vocal to challenge my ideas, some onlookers shock me with their unexpected agreement, and still others are eerily silent. Then there are the treasured friends and family who have proven their love and support is permanent even through changing seasons. 

It has been an amazing experience, learning to let surrounding noise draw me deeper into the quiet place where I hear only one Voice. I constantly have to reevaluate my heart. 

Quote: “When you know you are humble, you have lost it.” K.V. I think the truth to be gained from that quote is to be more God conscious than self conscious. He knows us better than we know ourselves, so He can be trusted to purify us and bring the gold through fire. 

I feel like this experience has taught me so much about happy intercession and learning to hear and pray from the third Heaven where God speaks instead of in lower realms where principalities war. 

We do not battle people. I’ll end with that encouragement because it far surpasses my experience speaking out for Trump. Love is the greatest force. It looks like many different actions depending on seasons, but it is the same Person. I hope people always see that even though what I say may be counter to what they believe or feel, I am for them and have only love. 

¬©Brenda Kanagy 


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