Niagara Falls

My husband is a vinyl graphics installer, and his job takes him all over the northeast. He gets around a lot in NYC, Philly, Pittsburg, but the rare jobs in more rural areas are his favorite. Occasionally, the baby and I go along and make a mini vacation out of it. This summer, a job took him to upstate NY, so we headed to Niagra Falls afterwards. It was his first time there, and I had only been there as a five year old. 

There are a lot of times that trips with a baby become disastrous or stressful with traffic or sickness, but occasionally, we hit a sweet spot, and this trip was it. It was perfect in so many ways. No one was sick, there was no crazy NYC stress and traffic, the scenery was calming and gorgeous, we scored all the best coffee shops and Mexican restaurants, and the falls themselves were breathtaking. It was perfect. 

Alex absolutely loves water. I was hesitant to take her on the falls tour, but we got suited up in our raincoats, and she surprised us with her delight, despite the loud roar of the falls and the spray of water. It was so adorable watching her squint and hang onto her bitty poncho underneath her chin. It was quite thrilling. I think sky diving would have been more of an adrenaline rush for my husband, but this thrill was perfect for me. I just wanted to stay there getting splashed and hearing the water roar.  

This is crazy, but our tour guide informed us that the steps going out onto the water and craggy rocks next to the falls are not permanently secured. The planks below the platform are secured in the big rocks below, then removed for the winter season. I’m not sure of the science of safety there, but I figured if it’s held up so far, I probably won’t be the one to break the record! Alex was exhausted by the time we went out on the boat and almost dozed off between getting misted on. The view of the falls from the water was gorgeous. It was a pretty muggy, overcast day, so the water aspects of our tour were refreshing.(Getting splashed!)

Our tired, trooper baby was nearly delerious when we got back to the truck, but she promptly drank her bottle and went to sleep- at least until we stopped at a coffee shop for caffeine fuel and Mexican takeout for the trip home. I think we pretty much lived on Mexican food that trip. It’s reasonably prized foods that are easy to customize into a healthy meal. 

I’ll never forget that trip with my little family. I love for these adventuring memories. Well, the ones that aren’t as stressful. 

©Brenda Kanagy


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