My Case for Trump: Empowering Women

Let’s talk about Mrs. Clinton for a second. She speaks to female voters, championing them with her words about equality with men and their rights over their own bodies, for example. Hillary has been called an advocate for women, but does she really value women?


Planned Parenthood and advocates like Mrs. Clinton portray pregnancy extermination as a woman’s basic right to choose, but let’s get this straight: this is not a matter of consent of treatment on behalf of a minor.A minor- a baby- a future adult is stripped of the basic human right to live.  Death by torture is not a choice we get to make for another human, friends.

Abortion may be legal murder, but it is not “women’s health care.” When it comes to female issues, I can find a million doctors that will prescribe birth control, do regular exams, and give prenatal care during pregnancy. Pap smears, mammograms, hormone analysis, you name it. I mean, give me a break! That is women’s health care, and it is readily available outside of a baby killing center. 

Bottom line: Hillary evolves in politics and goes where the funds are. Planned Parenthood makes millions killing babies, and deep pockets of special interests have their hands all tied up in this filthy business. Legal doesn’t make it humane or right. Mrs. Clinton’s stance on abortion may be portrayed as “the fight for women,” but it is really about money and votes. American tax dollars should be a million miles from abortion clinics.

If you are a woman, you have value…unless you are in the womb.

If you are a woman, you have potential…if your mom wants you.

If you a woman, you have a voice…once you are born.

Women are much, much more than the right to conceive without responsibility. Abortion goes against the very nature of the woman to nurture life. Unborn daughters are not disposable when convenient for society, families, or profitable for the government. The progressive policies of liberals like Hillary Clinton may promise value, equality, and opportunity for women, but in action, they completely demoralize the very nature of integrity and nurture in the DNA of a woman.

While Trump used to be pro-choice, when presented with the facts and specifics, he changed his mind is now pro-life. Trump not only defends the life of the unborn, he has gone a step farther and promoted the mother through a fresh policy that values both working and stay at home moms.


Families have shrunk in size in the rise of female careers, but ironically, family health  and wealth has taken a hit under the burden of stress with the American lifestyle. I think this is in part a result of a lack of policy follow for working mothers. Yes, women now have voices, but single women are still receiving 94 cents to a man’s dollar and even worse, thesingle mother earns only 81 cents to a man’s dollar.

Part of Trump’s plan includes bringing the tax code (written 60+ years ago) up to speed with the needs of the modern, duel parent workforce. Other such expenditures can be deducted, but without any thoughtful policy and care currently in place for working mothers, child care costs eat up a massive portion of wages. This tax rewrite policy will include child care as a work related expense. Working and middle class families will see the largest tax reductions, and families who don’t pay tax on their low incomes will receive rebates on child care costs. Trump’s plan recognizes and places high value on the stay at home parent, which will be reflected in tax cuts as well.

Another part of Trump’s proposal addresses the desire for informal child care with family members or a mother watching other children along with her own in her home for example, where the current push is for institutional arrangements. And lastly, Trump’s policy explores options for childcare at the workplace and guarantees six weeks of paid maternity leave. Republicans have generally shied away from government policies meshing with the family unit, but I think Trump offers a fresh perspective, not to increase government control in the family and education system but to put the government to work for Americans and offer greater freedom of choice.

At the heart of this policy is the belief that every parent should have the freedom to make the best decisions for his or her family. My father is prepared to chart a new course that promotes strong families and celebrates their individual needs; one that honors, respects and empowers both working and stay-at-home mothers and caregivers. Together, we will take a stand and enable the American family and the modern workforce to thrive.” -Ivanka Trump

It is time that motherhood is championed and elevated as the most valuable “occupation” and joy again.


If you were alive in the 90s, you’ll remember the scandals that got Bill Clinton impeached from the presidency. Mr. Clinton not only had affairs, but was also accused of sexual assault by multiple women, including rape in one incident. Today, Hillary campaigns as a voice for women, but what many people don’t know is that she tried to threaten a victim of her husband’s abuse into silence. That doesn’t sound like a voice to me. The phrase, “You have the right to be believed,” in reference to sexual assault victims, was deleted from Hillary’s campaign  web page after the alleged victim tweeted about the inconsistency of Hillary threatening her in regards to the rape accusations and Hillary’s current campaign mantra. 

Hillary speaks not only on behalf of women, but the LGBT community as well, but her mass immigration plan and lenient national security policies make way for Islamic extremists whose mandates devalue, demoralize, abuse, and enslave women, as well as persecute and execute gays and Christians under the influence of the Muslim faith. Radical Islam has already infiltrated many countries including our own USA in planned attacks and homegrown terrorism like we saw in Orlando and continue to see in our cities. (Homegrown, meaning the perpetrator was born and raised in the United States) 

Furthermore, Hillary publicly denounced three nations for directly funding terrorism abroad, while records show that the Clinton Foundation received millions in donations from these same nations who put their money behind the oppression of women. For someone who prides herself in being the voice of the oppressed, her hand seems much closer to her special interest pocket book and private fundraisers than the best interest of American citizens. Americans are learning not to trust politicians who can be bought for a price, even if their words sound promising.

In contrast, Trump has no reason to seek politics for money. In fact, the presidency would actually be a huge pay cut for him! Because he already lacks nothing, there will never be a reason to speak anything other than his own mind. That should actually offer reassurance to suspicious voters. He won’t be a puppet on donors’ strings. The fact that he will act on his good intuition and heart for the American people of both genders, apart from political and donor leverage control is a good thing.

Liberals are onto something with the liberation of women, but I feel like they took the baton because the sleeping evangelical church missed the opportunity to lead the charge. Men didn’t give women their chair at the table so they took it. Why are we surprised when leadership becomes a battle of wills between the sexes, and women lead like men by default in order to be a valued asset? Trump is by no means equal to God in the liberation of women, but it is clear that he has pulled up the chair for women at the table and given them a voice.


One of Trump’s greatest strengths is the fact that he is gender neutral when it comes to potential and getting a job done. He is also gender neutral when it comes to negative feedback. I’m not saying that is a definite strength, but it’s absolutely been used to unfairly discredit his record of championing women in business far too often. The enormous success of Trump’s empire is largely because of the presence of female ingenuity. Donald’s daughter Ivanka calls him an “equal opportunity player.” Even though she discourages him from personal attacks, he will take on opponents equally, regardless of gender. As an advocate for feminism and equality, Hillary should actually take that as a compliment.

Obviously, media will portray Trump’s negative words to individual women as a sexist attack and discrimination towards females in general, but I think it is actually an expression of the equality he lives.

If liberals have been the driving force and the voice behind female equality and leadership in business, have they really owned it? Generally speaking, I’ve noticed that female Republicans are less likely to “vote from their ovaries” than female Democrats voting for Hillary. Female Trump voters aren’t looking for a feminist politician to liberate them from burdens of consequence and social stereotypes. They are looking for a strong leader- not one who will get them free stuff, but one who will care for veterans, support law enforcement, and make our education system strong and reliable- customized to need instead of cookie cutter/socialist requirements, for a few examples. They are concerned about the economy and national security more than holding tight to their right to do whatever they want with their bodies. They value the right action over the right words, and furthermore I have seen many women secure enough in their femininity, abilities, and value to the world to see past the few comments Trump has made to women he disliked.

Liberals have been the voice of liberation from oppression for years, whether on race, religion, poverty, or gender, but liberal policies have just fueled the divides and swallowed American tax dollars. There are only more people dependent on welfare, lower household incomes, more sanctuary cities full of illegal aliens, (which hurts the economy and law abiding citizens) more crime, racial pain, and rioting than ever in the last eight years of failed liberal policy.

Will you trust a leader who coddles and appeals to feminine power and influence, yet who has threatened the victims of her husband’s abusive scandal into silence, whose organization has shown to pay men more than women, who received donations from nations funding female demoralizing terrorists, who supports women violating sacred motherhood by robbing their bodies of life, who supports choosing death for daughters in the womb in the name of “choice,” who, as a young lawyer represented and defended the story of a rapist over the trauma a 12 year old girl, and who continues to undermine the common sense and integrity of the hard working American woman with her political tactics. This woman speaks empowering words with her mouth, but leaves a trail of hypocrisy in her wake. She draws a sexist, racist circle around Donald Trump for name calling, but his record shows that he has truly empowered women in the work place, giving them jobs of high level authority with matching pay, starting in an era where that was still somewhat scorned upon.

What is an unsuspecting, non traditional Republican has something sustainable to offer to all women? Since the beginning, even before women were valued in the work force, the input of women has been a huge pillar to Trump’s core success.

Donald Trump may not always have the right words, but I believe he has fresh policies and actual sustainable actions ready to revive the economy, and set liberal voter targets like low income, single mothers up for success. Success is what he does. 


Is Hillary’s feminism card enough against the facts that show she has not valued women?

Bernie Sanders had a point in his response to the question asking if it is “sexist for him to remain in the fight against Hillary because it could be standing in the way of the first female presidency.”

Bernie: “Your question implies that any woman who is running for president is by definition the best candidate.”

I concur. If you take away the historical, first female presidential nominee factor and the feminism card she plays, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have much to offer, or the record to prove that her promises will yeild susatanable results for the good of the American citizen. The more noteworthy historical factor is, “First presidential nominee under FBI criminal investigation.”

I won’t be voting for Hillary based on her gender, similar to the way many voters supported Obama as the first African American president. Votes should be based on who can do the best job. Hillary has a lot of eloquent, convincing ideas, but her record is shot with scandal and poor judgement. Donald Trump is probably the most in-eloquent, “shoot from the hip” candidate who has ever run, but his record is positive when it comes to stewardship, budgeting, multiplying resources, job creation, and equal rights for women, not based on feminism, but equal opportunity and pay based on ability.

I am a woman, and I am voting Trump. I hope you will too.

© Brenda Kanagy


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