About a year ago, my husband started seeing the number 11 everywhere- usually every day, multiple times a day. The original number was 911, and but it wasn’t limited to that. He saw 11s on license plates, posters, signs, even the sky at one point, but mostly when telling time. Sometimes he saw the 11th minute of multiple hours at a time. I started seeing them too, and now it’s a regular occurrence and point of conversation at our house.

One of our favorite teachers and pastors said this of the repetitious sighting of numbers that seem more than mere coincidence: “If you don’t know what it means, at the very least, it means you are at the right place at the right time.” So we stored 11 in our hearts as we saw them daily and kept a subconscious eye open for where it led.

In 2015, I had a vivid dream that lacked interpretation at the time. It’s still very personal to me, but I will say that it was winter and the most significent part was two opposite elements displayed in the sky. I could describe the magnificent phenomenon I saw, but words could never do it justice. Last year, a friend also shared with us a sense of econmic or national unrest he felt was coming in the fall of 2016. This friend is a quiet, insightful individual who doesn’t generally speak unless there is something to say, so I paid attention. In recent months, I have come to believe that my dream was synonymous with my friend’s word about an unsettling time locally, nationally, and economically in the fall of 2016. We ended up making a move across states the beginning of this year and now live where my dream was set in. (Which also happens to be my home state.) And it is autumn. It truly is proving to be a time of intense frustration and confusing noise nationally- a time of disillusionment, yet unusual vision, clarity, and intense hope in other ways.

God started this process in me before we moved, but after I hit Pennsylvania, it was like a switch turned on, and I felt compelled and propelled to go pulpit with this wild stuff coming to me about Donald Trump. (Click on the “politics” tab on my homepage menu to read the posts telling that story from the beginning.) Here I was, caring for my new baby 24/7 in an almost constant sleep deprived state, living in my mom’s guest room, and adjusting to my husband’s intense new job schedule that kept him away several nights a week, all while remodeling our house enough to move into. It’s not like I had a ton of down time on my hands, if you know what I mean. 

I never would have dreamed that I would use my creative energy to talk about politics, especially since it could ruin my platform to organically speak into people’s lives if they are repelled by my political views or associate me with political strife. I would not risk smearing my own likability on my personal blog platform unless I felt it was incredibly important, especially for believers to consider. Somehow, there is courage to speak. What do I have to lose if I can’t lose my Father, right? I don’t know if I have a voice or if anyone is even listening, but what matters is that I keep listening. 

I realize that speaking boldly comes with risk, but I am not any safer where I was before than I am now, out on a limb. I have asked and continue asking God to show me if I am misinterpreting His heart or word.

So if you are reading this, I’m grateful you’ve given me a chance. I’m grateful you are willing to step outside the box and hear something different. I hope that my heart is translated through the words. Feel free to take it or leave it.

More recently, God has been highlighting the number 5 to me as well as the usual 11. 5 means “favor” and “grace.” Maybe not earth shattering, breaking news to anyone else, but to me, it’s always a reminder of the Father’s love when I see it.

In September of this year, I was driving in the car with my fussy baby when I realized something. The date was 9/11: that famous number. It was the 15th year anniversary (One Five) of a devastating terrorist attack that wounded our nation.  I sat in my car stunned as I realized the implications of the repetitive 11 and 5 that is continually with me in relation to the season our nation is. The thoughts whirled, and I was taken back to somewhere I had been before in my spirit. This is the dream! I’m living in that moment right now. Our nation is living in that moment!

This is what I heard and am still hearing:


Donald Trump has an anointing for leadership. On this, the 15th year anniversary of national loss, healing, closure, and in other ways more instability as a nation, God is giving an unexpected man a voice and a mantel of leadership to propel the United States into a NEW SEASON. 

One meaning of 11 is judgement. However crazy it seems, I believe God is using Donald Trump to bring America out of the 9/11 era into the season of 5 again. (favor) This partially self inflicted judgement was never intended to be permanent, and the basket snuffing the oxygen out of the candle our nation is supposed to be will be removed with the growth of humility and faith. 

Trump’s triumph is not exactly a sign of his perfection as a man, but a reflection of GOD’S HAND on his life for a purpose in this season. Those who oppose him seem to hit the button of self sabotage in their efforts and endeavors. This is not a indication of their bad character or potential as godly leaders or visionaries themselves, but it’s a matter of timing and seasons.

To the natural eye, Trump’s triumph appears carnal, but I believe God is the one setting Trump’s triumph up to be America’s triumph for His Kingdom purposes.

The blinders to this divine element at work are being shaken off as the spirit of religion and its close friend, the political spirit (political correctness, strife, pride) are currently being dismembered and exiled. God honors faith, not perfection. If we can get behind what God is doing in support and prayer, faith will expand to love, and we will be surprised at the leadership we will experience under Mr. Trump.

There will be a completion and closure that may cause temporary pain or discomfort and even uproar as the current season ends, but it will be followed by a new chapter of prosperity and purity for America. There has been a gray veil over the eyes of the nation, but with new mercies and favor, clarity and new life is coming! Trump is simply a vehicle being used in a divine strategy. If God is for me, who can stop the Lord? 

This is it. This is the beginning. The church will be awakened and unleashed, the nation will return to the Father’s heart, and we will be a beacon again- purer than ever before. We will not be overcome or carnally distracted by the spirit of religion in well meaning politics or even the demonic forces controlling the other narrative, but we will be liberated to the truth with the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. 


This is what I believe the Lord is saying. Does your spirit agree? If so, share this message with your friends and get out and vote according to the measure of your faith. 

©Brenda Kanagy





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