Evangelical: The Kingdom in Government

Here is a little perspective on where evangelicals currently fall in the political process.

Only about 50 percent of Christians in America are registered to vote.

Of those, only 50 percent show up at the polls, meaning 75 percent of all Christians are not taking advantage of one of their greatest privileges.

If every Christian would register to vote and then do so, candidates who share their beliefs and values would win the presidency in a landslide.

I hear Christians dialogue and question the importance of our nation or getting involved in our political process. Some feel petty discussing the policy of managing our privileged, first world reality while grappling with compassion for second and third world countries, enslaved by poverty, war, terrorism, or communism.

Why should God favor us over the poor in Haiti, the disenfranchised in Venezuela, or the persecuted in China? These are heart rending questions that deserve heart rending consideration. I never want to imply that we matter any more or any less than the raped women and mutilated children in Syria, but I find that there is a vast lack of vision and understanding of the importance of our own nation’s health in the world spectrum.

If you glean the impression that I think America is especially important, it’s true. I do think there is a special favor and preservation on our nation because the founders not only put the honoring of the one true God in writing, despite the flaws of our founding, the nation’s system was fashioned after a kingdom principle: democracy. 

Don’t we realize that the people in oppressed nations would love an opportunity to choose leaders who will allow them to live and choose and worship God in peace without terror? Yet American Christians utterly squander the sacred honor and responsibility of democracy. This is our nation, and it is not only our responsibility, but a privilege to vote for candidates and platforms who steer the ship in ways that protect and value God’s principles. Let us not be the nation that didn’t know we were free until we are in chains, powerless to advocate for others who depend on us.

I also hear Christians argue that the church in the new testament didn’t participate in governement. Here’s a thought: They didn’t have the option. Governments were dictaterships! What little involvement citizens could have in government, John was heard telling soldiers to be content with their wages, tax collectors to be honest and only collect what is owed, and Jesus instructed believers to pay their taxes. If Jesus meant that his kingdom is not of this world the way we use it to justify not voting, why should we pay taxes either?

 If you don’t think Christians should be involved in government, you should probably stop praying for him to raise up godly leaders. He just might take you up on that. If God could work with DICTATERS throughout the Old Testament (which is only a shadow of God’s purposes) to advance his kingdom, how much MORE can he work with democracy? It took 2,000 years for someone to finally catch on, and I can just imagine God jumping up and shouting, “Finally!”

For some reason, its easier to have our heads in the sand and serve Jesus in our little corner without getting our hands dirty with the affairs of the world around us. We are most comfortable following our compassion to love and serve the poor and desperate, (so important!) but our understanding of how to reach and influence the high places, where culture is shaped and systems are enforced, however, is limited. If we do not learn to occupy strategic places of influence, not only in spiritual realms, but physical ones, nothing will change. God’s heart is for NATIONS to love him. We are a part of another kingdom, that is eternal, but we take this eternal kingdom and influence the systems of the world.

Evangelism is not shouting at people from a distance; it’s occupying a realm- infiltrating and causing the whole city to rise, as yeast does in bread. It’s called discipleship, and guess what? If the church is not bringing the kingdom to the democracy of our government, the government will disciple the nation away from God. If the kingdom is not influencing the world’s system, men will be corrupted, and with the rise of evil, democracy will fall.

I truly believe that the only reason democracy has been sustainable thus far stems directly from the God inspired principles our nation was founded on. Democracy is a God born idea, and the Kingdom of God is truly the original democracy. I believe he has a certain grace to honor his principles even if people can use their freedom to violate his nature within that principle for a time, until it destroys them or they turn back to him.

I do not think we realize the implications of American democracy collapsing in a financial or moral crisis. America’s health and success is a key in kingdom advancement because is has been a trailblazer for democracy (God’s idea) and is the great door holding open those same freedoms for the other nations of the world. If we collapse, our allies fall and those who rely on us as an example will have no defender against the onslaught of a communist, socialist world government.

Yes, it’s true, the underground church is proof that the Kingdom can survive and thrive in the worst possible conditions and persecution. So what does it matter if America joins other godless nations? We’ll just be faithful in our quiet life, and God will rapture us before He judges everyone else. This powerless, escapist mentality is affording America its influence to shine a light in the nations.

We, the people, are the activation- the hands and feet of God’s Kingdom. We have a promise that God’s government will always be increasing. but the chances of the democratic government remaining so without a sharp shift towards godly principles are slim. This is one of the biggest reasons I believe this election is so crucial, and one of the biggest reasons Christians need to come out of the closet with their voice.

Lifetime supreme court justices will be appointed.This will determine the moral laws and justice system our children will have to navigate. That is why I do not think voting third party is wise. I fully understand the logic of casting a vote for a candidate one feels is the best choice, (even if they don’t stand a chance in the race) for the purpose of boosting third party for future races. That seems reasonable to me, but I do not believe the time and urgent season we are in is compatible with that choice.

Donald Trump has the greatest platform and shot at keeping our nation safe from terrorism and securing our borders, boosting the moral and strength of our police departments and military who protect us, cutting government spending, waste, and pay-to-play corruption, and protecting religious freedom and the sanctity of life. A vote for any other candidate at this point is an indirect vote for Hillary, who will only farther the moral and economic downward spiral of her predecessor.

We are currently a nation without borders (spiritually and physically) and the lack of boundaries and self control has allowed us to be manipulated and taken advantage of by other nations in trade, for an example. Stringent regulations on our own workers and companies, driving US companies abroad and killing our economy is another. We are currently sitting right on the edge of the debt ceiling triggering a collapse. The progressive agenda has redefined marriage taken away the right of children in the womb.

There’s no need to fear, but there is a need for action. If a drastic shift does not take place this election, it will be a much longer, harder dark age until we come through a collective full circle. This election is not one to let side, “but we’ll get it next time.” This is not just another election to lose, with another chance in four years. The progressive agenda has successfully occupied the key “gates” of influence in culture, and their advances have gained momentum where we have not occupied. For example, to my knowledge, the LGBT community is approximately 1% of the population, but they have changed the culture of the entire nation. How is is that Christians can be such a large majority, but they are losing the culture battle? I believe it’s because we haven’t occupied the gates. We go to church and love Jesus in our realm, but we don’t bring the kingdom to key pillars of influence in society. (media, arts, entertainment, education, family, religion, and yes, government.)

We are a strong nation that has survived and overcome incredible challenges and attacks from abroad. Abraham Lincoln said it well, and I paraphrase: If America falls, it will be from the inside out. 

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.

If we can overcome this, it will be a new day for America and the American church, who is waking from her sleep as I write. This new day for America will be a new day for other nations of the world. We need someone with not just heart towards God and good intentions. We need the man anointed to lead in this critical hour and turn this ship around right now and fast. Will be recognize our moment and take this opportunity?

For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

©Brenda Kanagy
Note: I do not own the photos in this post.


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