Fall Shows and Seasonal Musings

During the spring and winter months, I don’t find myself longing for snow or the holidays. Hearing a Christmas song while the sun shines hot just doesn’t seem appropriate. In fact, fall usually brings out the rare melancholic side of me, as denial sets in and I struggle to adjust to a season of plants dying and the sun hiding the earth from its warmth a little more each day. 

While I am discussing the seasons’ change, I have to mention the invisible switch that inevitably triggers the “fall pumpkin mania.” I don’t like pumpkin. (Or peppermint.) The cynicism inducing cold facts are as follows: those pumpkin spice lattes everyone craves are artificial flavoring, sugar storms with little to no real pumpkin at all. I would consider being less of a scrooge if the pumpkin was at least real. I mean, come on! 🙂 I’m not a total tyrant though; I did make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving because my husband loves it. See, I can have grace for true love and the fact that at least my pie was low glycemic and contained real pumpkin with health benefits. So there!

Anyways, all that to say, sometine post fall denial and adaption, I find myself embracing cold weather and I hit a festive vein when flurries start flying. I skip the fall decor and go straight to the season that fills my heart with warmth. (Although my sister coerced me into taking a few of her white pumpkins this year. No orange mind you. Such a dreadful color.) My tree went up a few days before thanksgiving, if that’s any indication of my favorite holiday. I’m sure all the fall lovers are horrified, but I offer no apology. Christmas and family time is far too special and jolly a season to only last a few weeks.

With the extra time indoors in the glow of twinkling lights, it feels so right to curl up with a blanket and coffee to a good movie or show with a loved one. Conveniently, this fall has produced  some good tv shows. These are the ones that have fascinated and stimulated my mind. 

Designated Survivor

If you don’t like action, political, or crime thrillers, you might not enjoy it, but the plot of this show is especially intriguing and relevant, coming out of an election season last mont. There is corruption and terrorism, but then there are a few good people trying to do the right thing in a complicated world and imperfect system. Many millenials (myself included) need to brush up on understanding of the way our government is designed to function, and this show is proving to be an incentive for farther research. I also like the close look at the personal, family element of the presidential family in the plot.


Another political drama, except this one shows the inner workings of the media and journalism, specifically the way that correlates with crime and the justice system. I never understood the connections or crossed paths between investigators, attorneys, prosecutors, and journalism before this show. Each have specific functions that can effect the narritive, with the hope that justice is served, regardless of the drama of the journey with all the above factors that play a role. This one isn’t exactly family friendly, when it comes to sexual references and content, but interesting story line non the less.

This Is Us

Heartwarming is the word that comes to mind with this one. Consider it your fall family favorite. The plot follows the story of three “triplets” from childhood to adulthood, and it gives a unique and personal look at the challenges and beauty of adoption, as well as the bond of family. It’s definitely not as high action as the previous shows, but it’s full of twists and surprises. It definitely captured my heart. 

The Crown 

My husband and I started this show on our week long, dreamy Thanksgiving vacation, and we now have a pact only to watch it together. I am captivated seeing the (the current) Queen Elizabeth’s story and her rise to power come to life through this show. The demanding responsibility of royal life, the sacrifice it requires, and the toll it takes on a family unit is difficult to imagine. The World War II era is one of my favorites to study, and seeing iconic history makers like Winston Churchill come to life on screen just makes my inner historian come alive. 

Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love

This last one is worth making the list, plus it is definitely family friendly. It just aired on NBC, and is still available to watch online. I absolutely loved Dolly’s first movie, Coat of Many Colors, and this Christmas special is no exception. They are true stories from Dolly’s childhood in the Smoky Mountains, and are sure to capture your heart and inspire faith and love. Considering the heartbreaking wildfires in Tennessee this week, this story is especially special. 

Happy Holiday season! Stay warm, and enjoy your families.

©Brenda Kanagy

Note: I don’t own the photos in this post. 


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