QOTD: Parent Edition 

Heard at my house:

Spouse 1: “Hell hath no flurry like that of stepping on a toy. Wait, what?”

Spouse 2: “Uh, that’s right, hell has no flurries because it’s hot!”

Spouse 1: “I meant FURY!”


Anonymous spouse: “I’m so done with fake or superficial. I love real people.”

A few moments later:  “But if your “real” is stupid, be quiet.” 😬


Her: “Babe, we need to get X Y Z done!” (Pay a bill, hang a light fixture, make an ominous phone call, etc)

Him: “And by ‘we,’ you mean me, right?” #guilty #introvertproblems


I was upstairs, unpacking in my own world after a long trip. A quiet man voice drifted up from the living room, where he was unwinding with a TV show, “Are you still being mature?” 😬😄 

P.S. Above photo in case you wanted to see a cute toddler wearing her dad’s beanie in Home Depot. 

©Brenda Kanagy


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