A Pair of Socks

To you, this might just look like a pair of random socks, but to me, they are a reminder of my baby’s tender heart.

Last night, I spent some time moaning on the couch trying to avoid vomiting. I’m not pregnant, just out of shape. I tried to cure a migraine with a brisk walk/run. (I don’t run.) It didn’t work, but it did get worse. 

I put our coats and shoes away after we came inside, then laid down to try to get my churning stomach and pounding headache calmed. When I heard her crying and getting upset in the other room, I felt helpless and frustrated. Apparently, her world doesn’t keep turning very well when I take a break. 

“Just give me a second. Mama takes care of you when you’re sick. How can I help you understand that mama needs some time?” 🤕

After I ate and was feeling a bit better, I was cleaning up the house before bedtime when I saw this. My heart melted in a puddle when I immediately understood.

My girl likes to clean up and put things in their place. She insists that we accept her help, then says “dan-dooo!” (Thank you.) She likes to wear hats, but once we are in the door, she’s pulling off her warm clothes and sitting down to take off her boots before putting it all away. Once she’s all done, she reaches up for my hat and coat too. 

When I saw the socks on the floor, I remembered the frustrated sounds and wailing coming from the dining room when I was collapsed on the couch. I understood. She had been struggling to pull off the long socks, then the door wouldn’t open for her to put them away in the laundry room when she did. 

Oh, my sweet girl. I’m sorry I’m not always as fast as I would like. (Sometimes I need a mom too, or at least a timeout to get it together.) But mama sees and understands now. I love your tender heart, and I love you so much.  ❤👧🏼

©Brenda Kanagy


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