My Valentine 

Happy Love week! This beautiful arrangement was delivered to my door on Valentine’s afternoon, much to this little lady’s delight and my total surprise.

 “Every day with you is Valentine’s Day,” were the words from my man who was working several hours away. 

I actually laughed out loud when I saw the note because I thought it was connected to the Valentine’s Day humor I had posted on Facebook earlier or our funny conversation about it. It turns out he had ordered the flowers hours before, and he just knows me that well on his own. 

You’d have to watch the video to understand how my husband’s words directly correlated with my view of the holiday and the point of the video, which is: love day hype is maybe over-sold as fantasy reality + love and romance should be lived out every day, not just on Feb. 14.  

The fact that the these extravagant moments have a baseline of nitty gritty, sacrificial love all throughout week actually makes flowers thoughtful and meaningful, instead of cliche or cheesy for those of us non-gushy humans. He kind of slam dunked love day in a way that spoke my language. ❤

Basically, I’m happy my husband is also my best friend and knows me better than anyone- yet is always getting to know me more. 

How cute is our baby valentine? She is the definition of a Daddy’s girl.

©Brenda Kanagy

P.S. I’m super relieved that my husband knows I hate baby’s breath. My poker face is pretty bad. 🤓😄❤


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