Homemade Playdough

You can make just about anything yourself at home these days, including play dough! It might seem like a lot of unnecessary work when you can just buy it at the store, but there are several reasons it was worth it to me.

1. It’s something fun you can do with your kids.

2. Store bought play dough might not kill you, but I’m not crazy about the ingredient list, and if my kid (or me for that matter) needs a cheap therapy session, it may as well be simple ingredients we can take a bite out of and maybe even get some health benefits from. (Although you will probably change your mind as soon as you taste the salt. ) The joy of watching the colors blend with natural ingredients from my pantry and refrigerator just gave me a homemaker’s high. 

3. It’s cheap and actually super simple if you care enough about points 1 and 2 to try it! Combining memories AND healthy living is a win win and worth the effort in my crunchy, attachment parenting stylin’ opinion. 

Coloring: I used turmeric, juice from canned red beets, and activated charcoal. The white ball is the plain recipe without coloring added. The beet juice is obviously liquid and feels slimy at first, so you’ll likely have to add a bit more flower as you go, as opposed to the powder colorings, which are pretty straightforward. Don’t be scared of the weird texture at first. It perfects itself as you get into it!

To be honest, I actually play with the playdough more than my daughter does now. It just feels so therapeudic and relaxing to squish it in my hands and inhale that childhood smell. I store it in the refrigerator, and the cool temperature adds another soothing element. And if you really want to top it all off, add lavender essential oil. I probably look rediculous inhaling the beautiful blobs of dough, but I can’t help it. It’s amazing. 

Thank you, Pinterest for guiding me to this mommy blogger’s recipe. Try it out on a rainy day!

© Brenda Kanagy


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