God Who Speaks

“God isn’t speaking to me.” 

Actually, God is speaking on a regular basis, but we generally like for him to swoop in and make our lives more efficient, peaceful, and overflowing instead of us cultivating what he’s giving and saying. All the effects of his presence in our lives are good and needed, but he’s not a microwave. Character in us and intimacy with him takes time and energy from us. (Different than striving.) 
Tonight I was struck by the amount of times I have creative ideas and brilliant and wonderful things whispered in my ear when I stop to think about it. Generally, I am inspired or excited and start following the path, wildly writing notes and taking it all in…until the path hits a wall and the trail of my idea or mystery or truth or healing runs cold. The picture is incomplete, yet I lack follow-through. 

I turn away from a treasure hunt so easily, yet how often do I allow condemnation and frustration and rejection and discontentment to steamroll through my mind without permission? That’s the enemy. He’s loud, impatient, and possessive. 

Your Prince, on the other hand, is a gentleman who knocks and has given you the key to control what you connect to. I can have all that I am willing to receive and invest in. I instinctively want to wait until the result or the journey is perfect to move forward or grow or share what I have. But that is just not how the Father works. 

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.”
Isn’t that the most beautiful reality? 



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