Hi! My name is Brenda Kanagy.

Writer. Redeemed by God. Young wife.

Mom to Alexandra Honor. Amateur photographer. Worshiper.


After living in the south for three years and having our first child there together, my husband and I moved back to my Pennsylvania roots, where we now live in our renovated town house.

A few things I’m passionate about:

1. Experiencing God’s Kingdom on the earth and learning to dwell in His presence. I want to dismantle the curse so that every area of my life knows His original best. You are welcome to come along on my journey!

2. Music of various genres. I love to sing. Worship is my fuel. I don’t play instruments, but I do have a guitar playing husband. I write an occasional song.

3. I’m on a journey of learning to honor my body with food lifestyle. Body, soul, and spirit health. Food is 100% more fun when it’s nutritious. I’m that crunchy mom who cloth diapers her baby, recycles, and diffuses essential oils.

I cant fit my writing style into one category, so consider this a lifestyle blog a.k.a. a public journal of my life. Welcome to my spot!




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