Evangelical: Is Voting Your Conscience Enough?

voteVote your conscience. The phrase exploded after Ted Cruz urged people to vote in his speech at the Republican National Convention, while withholding an official Donald Trump endorsement. Since then, I hear the phrase a lot, especially in evangelical circles. People use their conscience to describe or validate their vote for Trump, Hillary, a third party candidate, or no vote at all.

While I wished that Cruz would have been able to bring party unity at that time, since the convention, Cruz has gone through a process and seems to have laid aside personal offense for the sake of the greater national issues at stake. For that, I have utmost respect, and I assume he did so with a clear conscience.

Vote your conscience.

What does that even mean? I tossed the phrase around in my mind for a while before I understood my reservation with declaring my conscience as the reasoning behind my decisions. I did a lot of soul searching, scripture researching, and talking to God. I came to a realization that may sound shocking: Tuesday is Election Day, and I don’t plan to vote my conscience. If you allow me to explain, I hope I can challenge and inspire you.

Humans are made up of a spirit, soul, and body. In my understanding, the conscience fits in the soul part of our three part being, where our mind, will, and emotions live. Look at it as a self awareness sounding board- an inner moral courtroom of our souls sending us constant signals, by which we assess choices and are freed or condemned by our values. Romans 2 describes the conscience in this way, in reference to the Gentiles having God’s law written on their hearts without even being schooled in it like the Jews were- “ their consciences bearing witness and their thoughts alternately accusing or defending them.”

I was raised in a conservative environment that taught against any kind of government involvement, much less voting for a specific leader, so you can imagine that as little as a few years ago, my conscious was sending very different signals than it is now. As evidenced in Cruz’s situation and my own journey, I have come to realize that the conscience is not an absolute authority, without the propensity to persuasion or change, and it should not be treated as such. (If you want a scripture references to back that up, 1 Timothy 4:2 talks about a seared conscience, Hebrews 10:22 an evil conscience, and 1 Corinthians 8:7 a weak conscience.)

I would suggest that the conscience should not function as the Spirit of God in our lives, based on the knowledge that the conscience operates from one’s current understanding of truth. The conscience not truth itself; it is only a reflector of our exposure to the Truth, and is therefore subject to renewal. Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in THE LORD with all your heart and LEAN NOT on your own understanding.” Apparently, we shouldn’t be left to our own wisdom. It goes on: “In all your ways, (thoughts, decision making) acknowledge HIM and HE shall direct your paths.”

Without activity, the conscience can’t be tuned or properly tested for clarity of sound, but through continual interaction of our spirit and the Spirit of truth, the conscience is renewed from glory to glory into His likeness. Romans 12:2 paraphrase: “Don’t be conformed to an earthly or worldly thought process, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, aligned with God’s thought process.” This happens in the spirit and spreads throughout our soul’s makeup until our mind and conscience more and more reflect spirit truth. What is the result of this transformation process? The verse continues: “THEN you will be able to test and approve what is God’s will- his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

So if a clear conscience is not divine authority yet is vital to our peace with God, how should we manage it? When my conscience is not clear, I can not rest until my peace with God is restored.

First of all, lets get this right: Peace is not made in the conscience. I’m sure you all remember the moment of relief and joy when you knew your sins were forgiven. It was the righteous Judge and Redeemer who forgave your sin, but your conscience was there to bear witness to your faith and free you from the guilt. Your conscience did not make you right with God, but it did bear witness to the action that transpired and came in agreement with the Prince of Peace. The result was a clear conscience.

Salvation is a good reference point, but the concept remains the same for our growing faith and journey in God. I see a grave error in throngs of believers merely, “keeping peace with their conscience.” Peace is found in God’s spirit, and your conscience bears witness to the action and interaction with God Himself. Peace does not equal comfort or come from the absence of confrontation. Jesus didn’t say blessed are the peace keepers; He said blessed are the peace-makers. 

A year ago, my conscience made me uncomfortable with Donald Trump and politics in general because of the brutal nature of strife and accusations. I didn’t ignore my conscience, but I did put it on trial before God. Instead of simply accepting my conscience as the voice or word of God in the situation, I asked God if I was judging correctly, what he thought, what he was doing, and what the big picture was. God did not ask me to violate my conscience, but I was invited on a journey. He hasn’t changed, but I have! My conscience is still clear because I never disconnected from it while God was uploading new revelations and upgrading me with the faith to match it.

The one thing that presides over the conscience is faith. By that I don’t mean to imply that faith disregards the conscience, but faith is the things that upgrades the weak conscience to a more complete revelation of truth or God’s heart. For example, Romans 14:23 says, “Whatever isn’t of faith is sin.” This verse was spoken in the context of some people having reservation for eating meat or drinking wine. To be clear, eating meat or drinking wine was not wrong; that belief was not absolute truth, but subjective to one’s conscience freeing or condemning them, based on their current revelation or exposure to truth. Paul describes these offenses as a result of a weak faith and urges his readers to love and have grace for each other. If one’s conscience has doubt, fear condemns, and the lack of faith to accompany the action defiles the conscience and makes it sin them.

To disobey our conscience in an offense scenario defiles our conscience because of the absence of faith to accompany a better choice. Of course that does not imply that weak faith or a weak conscience is good, or that we should be content to stay in offense! I imagine Paul was saying: “Obey your conscience where you are, but don’t be permanently content with cutting off your arm to preserve your conscience. Grow in faith.”

I think we miss the point of the allegorical verse from Matthew 5:30. It says, “If your hand offends you, pluck it off and throw it away because it’s better to lose a hand than have your whole body thrown into hell.” This verse wasn’t a recommendation to be offended, as if God’s design is to walk around with hacked off limbs! How crazy! I believe this verse is also the addressing the honoring of one’s conscience. Even if our conscience can be vilely imperfect or mistaken, it is still intricately entwined with the makeup of the three part being that our beliefs and actions are filtered through in order to have peace with God. It can’t be bent into compliance. It takes a revelation to renew the mind, but if in that process, my conscience condemns me, it is better to remove the offense than completely go against the conscience’s current conviction, without an adequate revelation and faith upgrade to clear my conscience.

The conscience’s signals should be received and noted, but should then be taken to the inner throne room of your spirit before God for testing and confirmation. We keep a clear conscience by dwelling in the Spirit, who brings freedom and clarity to our inner man. The goal is to keep a clear conscience while simultaneously GROWING in faith, therefore strengthening the conscience. This renewal process happens our entire lives long.

I am writing about the conscience in how it relates to voting, and while it is obvious who I feel strongly that Christians need to back, let me be clear: I am not positioning myself as superior in conscience because my conclusion or perception may currently differ from yours on this issue. I am simply concerned that a large population of American Christians value the stability of the conscience over the faith that activates the impossibilities of the Kingdom. 

The conscience is not a safe zone from risky faith. God will not ask you to sin against your conscience, but God will call you to faith that is terrifying and uncomfortable. It may not make logical sense in your understanding, but if you follow, your conscience will adopt the peace in your spirit, and your faith will gain the revelation needed to keep a clear conscience.

In all my posts describing my support of Donald Trump and my persuasion that he is anointed for leadership, I never want to encourage someone to disregard their conscience and sin. I am not even saying you have to vote for Trump. What I am asking you to do is question your conscience against the authority of Christ and position yourself for continual upgrades of revelation. Let’s take our thoughts and judgements captive by the Spirit of Christ who lives in us.

“Let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.” Hebrews 10:16

Most believers are aware of the grotesque corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton, in her tenure as secretary of state, whether it was the “pay to play” practice, where her policies align with money and votes instead of what is honest and right, handling our nations classified information on a private server and destroying pertinent evidence to hide her criminal activity, or her the actions of her “charitable foundation” which accepted secret donations from nations abroad, some who also finance radical Islamic terrorist groups she publicly denounces, not to mention her adamant support of the killing of innocent children, even partial birth abortion, up to the ninth month.

Mrs. Clinton plays heavily on the the emotions of voters- whether it is women, the LGBT community, African Americans, illegal immigrants, or the poor. Democrats rely HEAVILY on these voters, particularly “minorities” as they call it. Paint enemies using the discrimination card, warm them with empathy, coddle the entitlement, and present the idea that theirs is the only party who truly loves and champions the downtrodden and oppressed, whether the policies prove to sustainably empower success or not. Do women and black lives matter or just their vote? What about unborn women and unborn African Americans? 

Millions of dollars have been and are dumped into this giant hole of welfare for example, and what is the return? More poverty, more illegal immigrants getting free benefits in sanctuary cities, more drug/gang related crimes in these cities, and more racial tension. Hillary plays the compassion card when it comes to refugees, but what do we have to offer them? Reports show that many immigrants are being resettled far from D.C. in low income/high poverty towns much like what I just described. It all sounds good on paper and in eloquent speeches of empathy, wit, and poise, but it DOES NOT add up in real life. Benghazi, Obama care, (which is falling apart, by the way) heightened crime, violence against law enforcement, out of control national debt, (which will sink a country without extreme intervention) and escalating terrorism are only a few problems Hillary glosses over.

If democratic policies did not exploit minorities for votes, then why is there a push for voting rights for felons and illegals? Guess who they will vote for? The party who offers a free pass at life, of course. Say hello to socialism! No country adopting these principles can uphold God-honoring democracy.

Those who are and/or feel oppressed are voter targets to the Left, but let me tell you one vote that Hillary is not counting on: YOU. Evangelicals. Christians. Believers. I can almost promise you that Hillary and her party will be more than happy if Christians sit this election out.  Again. Why? Because the silent evangelical vote is more than enough to push Donald Trump’s numbers over the hill necessary to beat her. The silent evangelical vote in this country far exceeds the numbers needed to elect a president that will defend their values and constitutional rights and reflect God’s principles in a government of democracy. Hillary’s scandal and crimes will not hurt her elect-ability as long as the offended continue to cater to her empathy and as long as there’s a big NON-VOTE from evangelicals from the same motivator. 

How can we, the people of hope, stand by and let the Left make empty promises to the poor and those who feel oppressed, while continuing to make policies that keep them stuck? We are the missing key here, and it is time for the church to be activated to unlock the wisdom of the ages that has been paralyzed in culture for decades. We are not victims of culture. We create culture by the Life inside of us.

This is not the time for “lesser of two evils” arguments. A corrupt liar or a big mouthed billionaire is the choice, they say. That type of mentality will never get even the right good leader into office because even the best of men are “lesser evil.” Remember that God called a womanizer and a murderer a “man after His own heart,” and we think God is stumbling over Donald Trump’s humanity even when it is clear he is a powerful leader that is open to God? 

Hillary’s main point of attack against Trump is his temperament. Did you get that? His TEMPERAMENT. Her TV ads repeat over and over and over and over again the sound byte blunders of Trump’s intense debut into the political arena, fueling the offense of the offended so that NO ONE will be able to forget or forgive in an era of hyper sensitivity and political correctness. “Temperamentally unfit” is the line driving home the point that he lacks empathy, compassion, humility, kindness, and all the trademarks Christians are comfortable putting their stamp on. Even if a million areas of actual corruption and weakness in Hillary’s leadership are now exposed and in the open, it won’t matter if she can make sure evangelicals don’t vote for Trump who has a chance at turning things around, and yes turn things around for them.

When I say there is forgiveness for Trump’s sins and mistakes, I mean that for Hillary as well. The distinction to be made between the two choices with a shot at the presidency is that while Trump may have a lewd history and a brash tongue in his personal life and entertainment career, Hillary’s failures are a reflection of her career in government and where she wants to lead our country in the future. One committed treason in government and the other said mean things. We are the deciding factor.

It is not a choice between which candidate’s humanity our conscience can be the most comfortable with; it is about our children and the future of the nation they will grow up in, which will be very different depending on the justices the new President will appoint in the highest law in the land. (The Supreme Court) While a non-vote or a third party candidate vote may comfort personal conscience, at this point it is a suicide mission for the country, which is at a crucial crossroads. THE COUNTRY. Trump has yet to prove his mandate with action in office, but Hillary has made it clear that her mandate is not compatible with values that honor God in government. Trump has, and he has many godly leaders surrounding him and speaking into his life. Can evangelicals take a leap of faith and act on their hopes? We pray for godly leaders, but who will elect them? The godless? Will God supernaturally do the job he has empowered us for or will be act in

Please understand, as a believer myself, I’m not personally putting this out there to coerce or make you feel trapped. These choices should be made of free will and in faith combined with a clear conscience. I am however exposing the lie that manipulates believers into passivity. Regardless if people are aware of the powers at play or not, deceptive control is the way the enemy works, but it is not how God works. There are so many offended people voting for Hillary, and there are so many people withholding a Trump vote for the same reason: offense. Guys, this is not the mark of Christ. We don’t live in offense. We operate in the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. There is a spirit of offense and fear and pride blinding eyes and tying the hands of Christians this election, and I stand against that. 

On Tuesday, I am not merely voting my conscience. I am going to vote from my faith, based on my current revelation, with my conscience bearing witness to my peace with God. I hope you find peace in your decision too. 

We are not trapped by choices between contrasts of human flaw. We are empowered to see the greater picture. We do not have a case of moral superiority. We are established in our royal identities and can see it in others as well, even prophetically if they are not walking in it yet. We see our own weakness, yet embrace His strength in ourselves first, then in others. Trump is only a man, but one I believe God’s hand is on for our nation’s leadership. I ask all evangelicals to examine your hearts and ask the Holy Spirit if there is truth in what I’ve said. It’s God’s desire that we would walk in faith, (not fear- which is delusional in nature and action) combined with a clear conscience on Election Day, confident in the season and the word and heart of the Lord being carried out in the United States of America. May the Prince of Peace have his way in us first and in our nation. God bless.

©Brenda Kanagy


Evangelical: The Kingdom in Government

Here is a little perspective on where evangelicals currently fall in the political process.

Only about 50 percent of Christians in America are registered to vote.

Of those, only 50 percent show up at the polls, meaning 75 percent of all Christians are not taking advantage of one of their greatest privileges.

If every Christian would register to vote and then do so, candidates who share their beliefs and values would win the presidency in a landslide.

I hear Christians dialogue and question the importance of our nation or getting involved in our political process. Some feel petty discussing the policy of managing our privileged, first world reality while grappling with compassion for second and third world countries, enslaved by poverty, war, terrorism, or communism.

Why should God favor us over the poor in Haiti, the disenfranchised in Venezuela, or the persecuted in China? These are heart rending questions that deserve heart rending consideration. I never want to imply that we matter any more or any less than the raped women and mutilated children in Syria, but I find that there is a vast lack of vision and understanding of the importance of our own nation’s health in the world spectrum.

If you glean the impression that I think America is especially important, it’s true. I do think there is a special favor and preservation on our nation because the founders not only put the honoring of the one true God in writing, despite the flaws of our founding, the nation’s system was fashioned after a kingdom principle: democracy. 

Don’t we realize that the people in oppressed nations would love an opportunity to choose leaders who will allow them to live and choose and worship God in peace without terror? Yet American Christians utterly squander the sacred honor and responsibility of democracy. This is our nation, and it is not only our responsibility, but a privilege to vote for candidates and platforms who steer the ship in ways that protect and value God’s principles. Let us not be the nation that didn’t know we were free until we are in chains, powerless to advocate for others who depend on us.

I also hear Christians argue that the church in the new testament didn’t participate in governement. Here’s a thought: They didn’t have the option. Governments were dictaterships! What little involvement citizens could have in government, John was heard telling soldiers to be content with their wages, tax collectors to be honest and only collect what is owed, and Jesus instructed believers to pay their taxes. If Jesus meant that his kingdom is not of this world the way we use it to justify not voting, why should we pay taxes either?

 If you don’t think Christians should be involved in government, you should probably stop praying for him to raise up godly leaders. He just might take you up on that. If God could work with DICTATERS throughout the Old Testament (which is only a shadow of God’s purposes) to advance his kingdom, how much MORE can he work with democracy? It took 2,000 years for someone to finally catch on, and I can just imagine God jumping up and shouting, “Finally!”

For some reason, its easier to have our heads in the sand and serve Jesus in our little corner without getting our hands dirty with the affairs of the world around us. We are most comfortable following our compassion to love and serve the poor and desperate, (so important!) but our understanding of how to reach and influence the high places, where culture is shaped and systems are enforced, however, is limited. If we do not learn to occupy strategic places of influence, not only in spiritual realms, but physical ones, nothing will change. God’s heart is for NATIONS to love him. We are a part of another kingdom, that is eternal, but we take this eternal kingdom and influence the systems of the world.

Evangelism is not shouting at people from a distance; it’s occupying a realm- infiltrating and causing the whole city to rise, as yeast does in bread. It’s called discipleship, and guess what? If the church is not bringing the kingdom to the democracy of our government, the government will disciple the nation away from God. If the kingdom is not influencing the world’s system, men will be corrupted, and with the rise of evil, democracy will fall.

I truly believe that the only reason democracy has been sustainable thus far stems directly from the God inspired principles our nation was founded on. Democracy is a God born idea, and the Kingdom of God is truly the original democracy. I believe he has a certain grace to honor his principles even if people can use their freedom to violate his nature within that principle for a time, until it destroys them or they turn back to him.

I do not think we realize the implications of American democracy collapsing in a financial or moral crisis. America’s health and success is a key in kingdom advancement because is has been a trailblazer for democracy (God’s idea) and is the great door holding open those same freedoms for the other nations of the world. If we collapse, our allies fall and those who rely on us as an example will have no defender against the onslaught of a communist, socialist world government.

Yes, it’s true, the underground church is proof that the Kingdom can survive and thrive in the worst possible conditions and persecution. So what does it matter if America joins other godless nations? We’ll just be faithful in our quiet life, and God will rapture us before He judges everyone else. This powerless, escapist mentality is affording America its influence to shine a light in the nations.

We, the people, are the activation- the hands and feet of God’s Kingdom. We have a promise that God’s government will always be increasing. but the chances of the democratic government remaining so without a sharp shift towards godly principles are slim. This is one of the biggest reasons I believe this election is so crucial, and one of the biggest reasons Christians need to come out of the closet with their voice.

Lifetime supreme court justices will be appointed.This will determine the moral laws and justice system our children will have to navigate. That is why I do not think voting third party is wise. I fully understand the logic of casting a vote for a candidate one feels is the best choice, (even if they don’t stand a chance in the race) for the purpose of boosting third party for future races. That seems reasonable to me, but I do not believe the time and urgent season we are in is compatible with that choice.

Donald Trump has the greatest platform and shot at keeping our nation safe from terrorism and securing our borders, boosting the moral and strength of our police departments and military who protect us, cutting government spending, waste, and pay-to-play corruption, and protecting religious freedom and the sanctity of life. A vote for any other candidate at this point is an indirect vote for Hillary, who will only farther the moral and economic downward spiral of her predecessor.

We are currently a nation without borders (spiritually and physically) and the lack of boundaries and self control has allowed us to be manipulated and taken advantage of by other nations in trade, for an example. Stringent regulations on our own workers and companies, driving US companies abroad and killing our economy is another. We are currently sitting right on the edge of the debt ceiling triggering a collapse. The progressive agenda has redefined marriage taken away the right of children in the womb.

There’s no need to fear, but there is a need for action. If a drastic shift does not take place this election, it will be a much longer, harder dark age until we come through a collective full circle. This election is not one to let side, “but we’ll get it next time.” This is not just another election to lose, with another chance in four years. The progressive agenda has successfully occupied the key “gates” of influence in culture, and their advances have gained momentum where we have not occupied. For example, to my knowledge, the LGBT community is approximately 1% of the population, but they have changed the culture of the entire nation. How is is that Christians can be such a large majority, but they are losing the culture battle? I believe it’s because we haven’t occupied the gates. We go to church and love Jesus in our realm, but we don’t bring the kingdom to key pillars of influence in society. (media, arts, entertainment, education, family, religion, and yes, government.)

We are a strong nation that has survived and overcome incredible challenges and attacks from abroad. Abraham Lincoln said it well, and I paraphrase: If America falls, it will be from the inside out. 

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.

If we can overcome this, it will be a new day for America and the American church, who is waking from her sleep as I write. This new day for America will be a new day for other nations of the world. We need someone with not just heart towards God and good intentions. We need the man anointed to lead in this critical hour and turn this ship around right now and fast. Will be recognize our moment and take this opportunity?

For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

©Brenda Kanagy
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About a year ago, my husband started seeing the number 11 everywhere- usually every day, multiple times a day. The original number was 911, and but it wasn’t limited to that. He saw 11s on license plates, posters, signs, even the sky at one point, but mostly when telling time. Sometimes he saw the 11th minute of multiple hours at a time. I started seeing them too, and now it’s a regular occurrence and point of conversation at our house.

One of our favorite teachers and pastors said this of the repetitious sighting of numbers that seem more than mere coincidence: “If you don’t know what it means, at the very least, it means you are at the right place at the right time.” So we stored 11 in our hearts as we saw them daily and kept a subconscious eye open for where it led.

In 2015, I had a vivid dream that lacked interpretation at the time. It’s still very personal to me, but I will say that it was winter and the most significent part was two opposite elements displayed in the sky. I could describe the magnificent phenomenon I saw, but words could never do it justice. Last year, a friend also shared with us a sense of econmic or national unrest he felt was coming in the fall of 2016. This friend is a quiet, insightful individual who doesn’t generally speak unless there is something to say, so I paid attention. In recent months, I have come to believe that my dream was synonymous with my friend’s word about an unsettling time locally, nationally, and economically in the fall of 2016. We ended up making a move across states the beginning of this year and now live where my dream was set in. (Which also happens to be my home state.) And it is autumn. It truly is proving to be a time of intense frustration and confusing noise nationally- a time of disillusionment, yet unusual vision, clarity, and intense hope in other ways.

God started this process in me before we moved, but after I hit Pennsylvania, it was like a switch turned on, and I felt compelled and propelled to go pulpit with this wild stuff coming to me about Donald Trump. (Click on the “politics” tab on my homepage menu to read the posts telling that story from the beginning.) Here I was, caring for my new baby 24/7 in an almost constant sleep deprived state, living in my mom’s guest room, and adjusting to my husband’s intense new job schedule that kept him away several nights a week, all while remodeling our house enough to move into. It’s not like I had a ton of down time on my hands, if you know what I mean. 

I never would have dreamed that I would use my creative energy to talk about politics, especially since it could ruin my platform to organically speak into people’s lives if they are repelled by my political views or associate me with political strife. I would not risk smearing my own likability on my personal blog platform unless I felt it was incredibly important, especially for believers to consider. Somehow, there is courage to speak. What do I have to lose if I can’t lose my Father, right? I don’t know if I have a voice or if anyone is even listening, but what matters is that I keep listening. 

I realize that speaking boldly comes with risk, but I am not any safer where I was before than I am now, out on a limb. I have asked and continue asking God to show me if I am misinterpreting His heart or word.

So if you are reading this, I’m grateful you’ve given me a chance. I’m grateful you are willing to step outside the box and hear something different. I hope that my heart is translated through the words. Feel free to take it or leave it.

More recently, God has been highlighting the number 5 to me as well as the usual 11. 5 means “favor” and “grace.” Maybe not earth shattering, breaking news to anyone else, but to me, it’s always a reminder of the Father’s love when I see it.

In September of this year, I was driving in the car with my fussy baby when I realized something. The date was 9/11: that famous number. It was the 15th year anniversary (One Five) of a devastating terrorist attack that wounded our nation.  I sat in my car stunned as I realized the implications of the repetitive 11 and 5 that is continually with me in relation to the season our nation is. The thoughts whirled, and I was taken back to somewhere I had been before in my spirit. This is the dream! I’m living in that moment right now. Our nation is living in that moment!

This is what I heard and am still hearing:


Donald Trump has an anointing for leadership. On this, the 15th year anniversary of national loss, healing, closure, and in other ways more instability as a nation, God is giving an unexpected man a voice and a mantel of leadership to propel the United States into a NEW SEASON. 

One meaning of 11 is judgement. However crazy it seems, I believe God is using Donald Trump to bring America out of the 9/11 era into the season of 5 again. (favor) This partially self inflicted judgement was never intended to be permanent, and the basket snuffing the oxygen out of the candle our nation is supposed to be will be removed with the growth of humility and faith. 

Trump’s triumph is not exactly a sign of his perfection as a man, but a reflection of GOD’S HAND on his life for a purpose in this season. Those who oppose him seem to hit the button of self sabotage in their efforts and endeavors. This is not a indication of their bad character or potential as godly leaders or visionaries themselves, but it’s a matter of timing and seasons.

To the natural eye, Trump’s triumph appears carnal, but I believe God is the one setting Trump’s triumph up to be America’s triumph for His Kingdom purposes.

The blinders to this divine element at work are being shaken off as the spirit of religion and its close friend, the political spirit (political correctness, strife, pride) are currently being dismembered and exiled. God honors faith, not perfection. If we can get behind what God is doing in support and prayer, faith will expand to love, and we will be surprised at the leadership we will experience under Mr. Trump.

There will be a completion and closure that may cause temporary pain or discomfort and even uproar as the current season ends, but it will be followed by a new chapter of prosperity and purity for America. There has been a gray veil over the eyes of the nation, but with new mercies and favor, clarity and new life is coming! Trump is simply a vehicle being used in a divine strategy. If God is for me, who can stop the Lord? 

This is it. This is the beginning. The church will be awakened and unleashed, the nation will return to the Father’s heart, and we will be a beacon again- purer than ever before. We will not be overcome or carnally distracted by the spirit of religion in well meaning politics or even the demonic forces controlling the other narrative, but we will be liberated to the truth with the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. 


This is what I believe the Lord is saying. Does your spirit agree? If so, share this message with your friends and get out and vote according to the measure of your faith. 

©Brenda Kanagy



My Case for Trump: Empowering Women

Let’s talk about Mrs. Clinton for a second. She speaks to female voters, championing them with her words about equality with men and their rights over their own bodies, for example. Hillary has been called an advocate for women, but does she really value women?


Planned Parenthood and advocates like Mrs. Clinton portray pregnancy extermination as a woman’s basic right to choose, but let’s get this straight: this is not a matter of consent of treatment on behalf of a minor.A minor- a baby- a future adult is stripped of the basic human right to live.  Death by torture is not a choice we get to make for another human, friends.

Abortion may be legal murder, but it is not “women’s health care.” When it comes to female issues, I can find a million doctors that will prescribe birth control, do regular exams, and give prenatal care during pregnancy. Pap smears, mammograms, hormone analysis, you name it. I mean, give me a break! That is women’s health care, and it is readily available outside of a baby killing center. 

Bottom line: Hillary evolves in politics and goes where the funds are. Planned Parenthood makes millions killing babies, and deep pockets of special interests have their hands all tied up in this filthy business. Legal doesn’t make it humane or right. Mrs. Clinton’s stance on abortion may be portrayed as “the fight for women,” but it is really about money and votes. American tax dollars should be a million miles from abortion clinics.

If you are a woman, you have value…unless you are in the womb.

If you are a woman, you have potential…if your mom wants you.

If you a woman, you have a voice…once you are born.

Women are much, much more than the right to conceive without responsibility. Abortion goes against the very nature of the woman to nurture life. Unborn daughters are not disposable when convenient for society, families, or profitable for the government. The progressive policies of liberals like Hillary Clinton may promise value, equality, and opportunity for women, but in action, they completely demoralize the very nature of integrity and nurture in the DNA of a woman.

While Trump used to be pro-choice, when presented with the facts and specifics, he changed his mind is now pro-life. Trump not only defends the life of the unborn, he has gone a step farther and promoted the mother through a fresh policy that values both working and stay at home moms.


Families have shrunk in size in the rise of female careers, but ironically, family health  and wealth has taken a hit under the burden of stress with the American lifestyle. I think this is in part a result of a lack of policy follow for working mothers. Yes, women now have voices, but single women are still receiving 94 cents to a man’s dollar and even worse, thesingle mother earns only 81 cents to a man’s dollar.

Part of Trump’s plan includes bringing the tax code (written 60+ years ago) up to speed with the needs of the modern, duel parent workforce. Other such expenditures can be deducted, but without any thoughtful policy and care currently in place for working mothers, child care costs eat up a massive portion of wages. This tax rewrite policy will include child care as a work related expense. Working and middle class families will see the largest tax reductions, and families who don’t pay tax on their low incomes will receive rebates on child care costs. Trump’s plan recognizes and places high value on the stay at home parent, which will be reflected in tax cuts as well.

Another part of Trump’s proposal addresses the desire for informal child care with family members or a mother watching other children along with her own in her home for example, where the current push is for institutional arrangements. And lastly, Trump’s policy explores options for childcare at the workplace and guarantees six weeks of paid maternity leave. Republicans have generally shied away from government policies meshing with the family unit, but I think Trump offers a fresh perspective, not to increase government control in the family and education system but to put the government to work for Americans and offer greater freedom of choice.

At the heart of this policy is the belief that every parent should have the freedom to make the best decisions for his or her family. My father is prepared to chart a new course that promotes strong families and celebrates their individual needs; one that honors, respects and empowers both working and stay-at-home mothers and caregivers. Together, we will take a stand and enable the American family and the modern workforce to thrive.” -Ivanka Trump

It is time that motherhood is championed and elevated as the most valuable “occupation” and joy again.


If you were alive in the 90s, you’ll remember the scandals that got Bill Clinton impeached from the presidency. Mr. Clinton not only had affairs, but was also accused of sexual assault by multiple women, including rape in one incident. Today, Hillary campaigns as a voice for women, but what many people don’t know is that she tried to threaten a victim of her husband’s abuse into silence. That doesn’t sound like a voice to me. The phrase, “You have the right to be believed,” in reference to sexual assault victims, was deleted from Hillary’s campaign  web page after the alleged victim tweeted about the inconsistency of Hillary threatening her in regards to the rape accusations and Hillary’s current campaign mantra. 

Hillary speaks not only on behalf of women, but the LGBT community as well, but her mass immigration plan and lenient national security policies make way for Islamic extremists whose mandates devalue, demoralize, abuse, and enslave women, as well as persecute and execute gays and Christians under the influence of the Muslim faith. Radical Islam has already infiltrated many countries including our own USA in planned attacks and homegrown terrorism like we saw in Orlando and continue to see in our cities. (Homegrown, meaning the perpetrator was born and raised in the United States) 

Furthermore, Hillary publicly denounced three nations for directly funding terrorism abroad, while records show that the Clinton Foundation received millions in donations from these same nations who put their money behind the oppression of women. For someone who prides herself in being the voice of the oppressed, her hand seems much closer to her special interest pocket book and private fundraisers than the best interest of American citizens. Americans are learning not to trust politicians who can be bought for a price, even if their words sound promising.

In contrast, Trump has no reason to seek politics for money. In fact, the presidency would actually be a huge pay cut for him! Because he already lacks nothing, there will never be a reason to speak anything other than his own mind. That should actually offer reassurance to suspicious voters. He won’t be a puppet on donors’ strings. The fact that he will act on his good intuition and heart for the American people of both genders, apart from political and donor leverage control is a good thing.

Liberals are onto something with the liberation of women, but I feel like they took the baton because the sleeping evangelical church missed the opportunity to lead the charge. Men didn’t give women their chair at the table so they took it. Why are we surprised when leadership becomes a battle of wills between the sexes, and women lead like men by default in order to be a valued asset? Trump is by no means equal to God in the liberation of women, but it is clear that he has pulled up the chair for women at the table and given them a voice.


One of Trump’s greatest strengths is the fact that he is gender neutral when it comes to potential and getting a job done. He is also gender neutral when it comes to negative feedback. I’m not saying that is a definite strength, but it’s absolutely been used to unfairly discredit his record of championing women in business far too often. The enormous success of Trump’s empire is largely because of the presence of female ingenuity. Donald’s daughter Ivanka calls him an “equal opportunity player.” Even though she discourages him from personal attacks, he will take on opponents equally, regardless of gender. As an advocate for feminism and equality, Hillary should actually take that as a compliment.

Obviously, media will portray Trump’s negative words to individual women as a sexist attack and discrimination towards females in general, but I think it is actually an expression of the equality he lives.

If liberals have been the driving force and the voice behind female equality and leadership in business, have they really owned it? Generally speaking, I’ve noticed that female Republicans are less likely to “vote from their ovaries” than female Democrats voting for Hillary. Female Trump voters aren’t looking for a feminist politician to liberate them from burdens of consequence and social stereotypes. They are looking for a strong leader- not one who will get them free stuff, but one who will care for veterans, support law enforcement, and make our education system strong and reliable- customized to need instead of cookie cutter/socialist requirements, for a few examples. They are concerned about the economy and national security more than holding tight to their right to do whatever they want with their bodies. They value the right action over the right words, and furthermore I have seen many women secure enough in their femininity, abilities, and value to the world to see past the few comments Trump has made to women he disliked.

Liberals have been the voice of liberation from oppression for years, whether on race, religion, poverty, or gender, but liberal policies have just fueled the divides and swallowed American tax dollars. There are only more people dependent on welfare, lower household incomes, more sanctuary cities full of illegal aliens, (which hurts the economy and law abiding citizens) more crime, racial pain, and rioting than ever in the last eight years of failed liberal policy.

Will you trust a leader who coddles and appeals to feminine power and influence, yet who has threatened the victims of her husband’s abusive scandal into silence, whose organization has shown to pay men more than women, who received donations from nations funding female demoralizing terrorists, who supports women violating sacred motherhood by robbing their bodies of life, who supports choosing death for daughters in the womb in the name of “choice,” who, as a young lawyer represented and defended the story of a rapist over the trauma a 12 year old girl, and who continues to undermine the common sense and integrity of the hard working American woman with her political tactics. This woman speaks empowering words with her mouth, but leaves a trail of hypocrisy in her wake. She draws a sexist, racist circle around Donald Trump for name calling, but his record shows that he has truly empowered women in the work place, giving them jobs of high level authority with matching pay, starting in an era where that was still somewhat scorned upon.

What is an unsuspecting, non traditional Republican has something sustainable to offer to all women? Since the beginning, even before women were valued in the work force, the input of women has been a huge pillar to Trump’s core success.

Donald Trump may not always have the right words, but I believe he has fresh policies and actual sustainable actions ready to revive the economy, and set liberal voter targets like low income, single mothers up for success. Success is what he does. 


Is Hillary’s feminism card enough against the facts that show she has not valued women?

Bernie Sanders had a point in his response to the question asking if it is “sexist for him to remain in the fight against Hillary because it could be standing in the way of the first female presidency.”

Bernie: “Your question implies that any woman who is running for president is by definition the best candidate.”

I concur. If you take away the historical, first female presidential nominee factor and the feminism card she plays, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have much to offer, or the record to prove that her promises will yeild susatanable results for the good of the American citizen. The more noteworthy historical factor is, “First presidential nominee under FBI criminal investigation.”

I won’t be voting for Hillary based on her gender, similar to the way many voters supported Obama as the first African American president. Votes should be based on who can do the best job. Hillary has a lot of eloquent, convincing ideas, but her record is shot with scandal and poor judgement. Donald Trump is probably the most in-eloquent, “shoot from the hip” candidate who has ever run, but his record is positive when it comes to stewardship, budgeting, multiplying resources, job creation, and equal rights for women, not based on feminism, but equal opportunity and pay based on ability.

I am a woman, and I am voting Trump. I hope you will too.

© Brenda Kanagy

Inside My Public Support for Donald Trump

It will soon be a year that God put it on my heart to pray for and support Donald Trump. I have not always operated in love and consequently suffered the pain and loss of it, so it was scary risking ridicule by being bold again. I told God, “I don’t want to do this again unless I have love and you preserve and defend me because I can’t handle it.”

 I have lost a lot of things in life, some to my own stupidity and some because the enemy likes to distort and steal things, but the reason I had the courage to take a public plunge was because of something God established in me:

You can lose people, you can lose things, but YOU CAN’T LOSE ME. I’ve got you.” 

Now when I say I have nothing to lose, that’s why. It’s amazing how light the burden is when God is the one carrying it. #gamechanger

My words were not exactly received well across the board when I went public with it. Some people are vocal to challenge my ideas, some onlookers shock me with their unexpected agreement, and still others are eerily silent. Then there are the treasured friends and family who have proven their love and support is permanent even through changing seasons. 

It has been an amazing experience, learning to let surrounding noise draw me deeper into the quiet place where I hear only one Voice. I constantly have to reevaluate my heart. 

Quote: “When you know you are humble, you have lost it.” K.V. I think the truth to be gained from that quote is to be more God conscious than self conscious. He knows us better than we know ourselves, so He can be trusted to purify us and bring the gold through fire. 

I feel like this experience has taught me so much about happy intercession and learning to hear and pray from the third Heaven where God speaks instead of in lower realms where principalities war. 

We do not battle people. I’ll end with that encouragement because it far surpasses my experience speaking out for Trump. Love is the greatest force. It looks like many different actions depending on seasons, but it is the same Person. I hope people always see that even though what I say may be counter to what they believe or feel, I am for them and have only love. 

©Brenda Kanagy 

A Prayer of Protection for Donald J. Trump

God, only You know the entirety of Your plans for this man, but I am humbled to boldly say I see Your hand on him. 

The level of exposure he has brought to this nation seems to have released the hell dogs of destruction, but it’s only temporary. I know You will give him the wisdom tools, divine solutions, and supernatural resources to restore this nation- 10 fold beyond the success his hard work has brought all his hands have touched thus far.

He is established as a leader in this country, with a fight ahead of him- not to mention the war in unseen realms. Keep Your assigned angels guarding the principalities over his tower. Now more than ever, protect him from those who would seek to silence his voice, distort his message, or to dismantle the mantle on his shoulders for this season. 

Protect him from the spirit of offense, and honor the humility in his heart so that he can do the impossible because You enable him to. Protect him from intentions to end his life. 

Baptize him every morning with Your spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. Give him wisdom to make the right choices that make sense to You, if to no one else. 

Protect his amazing family, and may they all remain strong and unashamed of success and unburdened by the intense pressure of the public eye. May they remain bound by their bond of love and free in the light of truth. 

God bless Donald Trump, and God bless America. 

©Brenda Kanagy

“Your sun shall no more go down, nor your moon withdraw itself; for the Lord will be your everlasting light, and your days of mourning shall be ended. Your people shall all be righteous; they shall possess the land forever, the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, that I might be glorified.”

Isaiah 60:20-21 ESV

My Case for Trump-Part 10 & 11

POST 10. “Your thoughts on Trumps’s transgender stance?” -Anonymous

First of all, I do not have everything figured out, and I never really want to reach that point, in the sense that I’m always learning and growing and open to more insight from God for real life issues. 

Let me just say, it is really easy to quote scriptures about morals and even the redemption plan of Christ, but a whole lot more complex seeing it lived out in messy humanity. Even if a transgender person comes to Christ and has a inner breakthrough, they are left with wrong physical body parts, thanks to 21st century medical technology. Is there not an invitation and a redemption for all? It’s tough because there’s no Bible verse that says, “And Jesus threw the transgender woman (man) from the female restroom.” Or, “Jesus loved and healed said individual of STD, resulting in the conviction of error and embracing truth about identity and gender.” We can only speculate about what would happen if Jesus were here or what should happen from an individual standpoint. What does does Jesus look like in the situation or what is a redemptive solution? Believers are given the Holy Spirit as a gift to guide them in these unscripted, un-chartered waters. One thing I do know: I am guilty of heterosexual sin, therefore I can only see LGTB individuals with the love of Christ that I also do not deserve but am given freely. As far as the larger moral issue facing our society, I am honestly not sure where I stand when it comes to a legal standpoint. What is a redemptive answer? Throw transgender people under the bus, driving deeper the idea or wound of discrimination and judgement from the Christian community? That type of answer is pretty easy if you don’t actually know a transgender person. Or: Create separate bathrooms for them which would create an even wider exclusion complex and, as Trump pointed out, would be incredibly expensive and bad for business economy. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with his moral stance. To be fair, he didn’t really address the moral issue as much as answer the question from a legal standpoint. I would have to talk to him personally to fairly judge. My point is that Trump operates out of his strength: smart business leadership. (I have never claimed to 100% agree with Trump’s beliefs. Seriously, he isn’t a god. He’s a human. I couldn’t support any candidate if it relied on perfection when it comes to morals, theology, policies, and more.)

 I wish we weren’t even facing these issues. This isn’t just a few confused individuals that could easily be convinced or converted or set free or however you want to put it. When a movement gets to this size and stage of publicity and normalcy, it reaches a legal crossroads. It is tricky ground that I honestly don’t know how to navigate without offending conservatives on one hand and isolating sinners I love on the other hand. (We all.) We have to keep that in mind in light of the issues Trump is navigating. It might seem black and white, and it is, but it’s not. 😉 Let’s have a little grace to see things from more than one perspective. I am praying about it.

Post 11.

POST 11: If the two nominees boil down to Trump and Hillary, let’s not pull the “lesser of two evils” card and hang up our ballot of influence in the name of supernatural intervention. (Code for: “God will save us because we refuse to act- because we are too proud to believe that God may be using a wild card.” 🙃) Many Christians refused to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 because he was a Mormon. Guess who is president now? If we do not act, there is a default. I never voted or cared about politics before because of my “divine sovereignty complex,” and I know countless more in the same shoes. It’s not cool to have strong opinions about the stupidity of our leaders while doing nothing ourselves. We don’t have to fear making bad mistakes. There is endless grace when we start acting!

It is not Gods will that men perish, but he works His will THROUGH the FREE WILL of humanity because he is a father, not a tyrant. God is not limited by us, per se, (he is sovereign) but because of relationship, he gives us the great privilege of being his conduits. 

When I went to the polls today, I voted for imperfection. If you voted for a different candidate, you did as well! Let’s not pretend any man in a savior. No man has it all together, and no man should wait to volunteer until perfection is reached. (never happening.) Unless he is Jesus, all men will be the lesser evil. It is rarely the qualified who kill Goliath and preserve a nation. If God is using Trump, I back an imperfect man, not because I believe man is infallible, but because I believe in God and what He’s doing.

(Originally written in April, during the primary and directly before Trump won five northeastern states, including Pennsylvania.)

©Brenda Kanagy